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Preston signposts raised so cyclists don't bash their heads

New shared-use path keeps cyclists off busy dual carriageway

Lancashire County Council (LCC) has raised three signs in Preston City Centre to prevent cyclists from hitting their heads. The work was carried out on a new shared-use path between Marsh Lane and Corporation Street alongside a busy dual carriageway.

Although billed by the Lancashire Evening Post as ‘council’s £5k bill to raise signs by four inches’ the work also involves markings for a new shared space path, hedge cutting and new fencing.

An LCC spokesman added that a pole that currently obstructs the path will also be moved to ensure there is adequate space for cyclists – although other poles will remain.

Peter Ward, co-founder of Preston’s Guild Wheel, said: “We do have some signs with vertical poles in the middle of our shared spaces but we have tried to put fluorescent strips around them so that people have plenty of warning approaching them.”

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John Gatheral, highway design manager for Lancashire County Council, said:

“Work is currently taking place to provide a safe off-road shared-use section along Ringway from Marsh Lane to Corporation Street.

“This has involved raising several signs along the route to provide the minimum required height clearance for cyclists.

“Markings and other signs have been put in place to make people aware of this new shared use section.”

Bill Nickson, the owner of Bill Nickson Cycles in Towngate, Leyland, said he felt that on the whole shared spaces were a good thing – “anything that gets you out of the traffic and away from the shocking state of the roads.”

He did however say that the markings employed could be clearer.

“We are light years behind lots of places in Europe that have had them for years and people have become well used to them and they work. They do need splitting up though, marked half and half, rather than just lobbing everyone in together.”

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