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Was cyclist right to take motorist to task? Sussex Police think not

Police spokesperson says cyclist was given advice about his conduct

Last week we asked whether a cyclist who featured in a recent YouTube video was right to lecture a motorist who he believed had endangered him after she overtook him then turned left into a branch of Lidl. The general feeling was that he wasn’t and it seems Sussex Police agree with that view.

The video in question has since been removed from YouTube but can still be seen on the Eastbourne and Herald website. You can judge for yourself whether it was that bad an overtake and whether he the cyclist was justified in following the driver into the car park to take her to task for her poor driving.

Video: Driver left hooks cyclist on upgraded Cycle Superhighway

A spokesperson at Sussex Police said on Monday: “A cyclist whose altercation with a woman in Eastbourne was captured on video and posted on social media has been spoken to by police. He voluntarily attended a police station and was given words of advice about his conduct.”

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