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Road rage cyclist convicted: hit car and driver with heavy bike lock

Courts take a dim view of asssault and criminal damage by angry cyclist

A cyclist has been convicted of a bike rage attack in which he hit a driver and his car with a heavy cycle lock following a row.

Publisher James Bromet, 51, admitted charges of assault, causing criminal damage and using threatening words to provoke violence at Hammersmith magistrates’ court this week, following the attack in West London in August.

The 51-year-old was cycling on Goldhawk Road when he cycled around and cut up Alfa Romeo driver Robert Jackson as he indicated to turn right.

The victim beeped his horn, which prompted Bromet to shout at him and stick up his middle finger.

Prosecutor Tom Gill said: “He then took a heavy duty bicycle lock on his left handlebar, transferred it to his right hand and shouted: ‘I’m going to hit your car’.”

Mr Jackson pulled his car over, and Mr Gill added: “Mr Bromet then hit the car with the lock just below the right nearside light constellation, causing damage to the bodywork. Mr Jackson then got out of the car and the defendant swung the bike lock at him. He managed to block the strike.”

Bromet’s actions were witnessed by a police officer who immediately arrested him. He later apologised for the attack and said he was “mortified” about the assault.

He said in a police statement read to court: “This car came up behind very aggressively, tooting, obviously taking offence at something, but it didn’t stop, and came up behind us again.

“It was then that I reacted badly.”

Ben Lansbury, defending, said: “We cannot gainsay why the driver of the vehicle stopped, but stop he did, and even in his own words he said he ran towards Mr Bromet in order to detain him, which I take to mean restrain him.

“And at that stage he waved the bike lock about to keep him away - unfortunately there was contact. That went beyond what would be admissible as self defence at that stage.”

Magistrate Greg Thomson said: “This is a road-rage incident where the defendant, for whatever reason, not only chose to use a lock to damage the victim’s car, but has then taken a swing at the victim.

“This is a serious matter, as I have indicated, it is something that the courts take a dim view of.”

Bromet has been bailed pending sentencing on October 14,

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