Helix titanium folding bike hits $1m on Kickstarter

Funding success story for titanium folding bike

The Helix titanium folding bike, touted as the world’s smallest and lightest, has taken Kickstarter by storm, reaching a staggering $1m of backing in the first five days.

The company reports that it reached its funding goal, $120,000, in just one hour. After 24-hours it had achieved five times its original funding goal. At the time of writing, the Helix has $1,227,680 with 17 days to go. That success makes it the most funded bicycle ever on Kickstarter.

- Helix folding bike smashes Kickstarter funding goal

A quick recap on the Helix. It’s a titanium folding bike with the singlespeed version (there are two geared options) weighing just 9k (20lb) which is pretty darn light for a folding bike. It uses 24in wheels, bigger than most folding bikes, and there are no hinges in the frame which the inventors reckons provides ride and handling very similar to a normal bicycle.

The Helix has clearly proved popular, and the company founders have been very open to feedback through Kickstarter. As a result, they have made a number of changes to the Helix. They’ve changed the chainring size to a 42t to provide a more usable gear range, and ensure it copes with hills. They’ve also tweaked the geometry so it can take a longer seatpost, up from 350 to 400mm.

Despite the huge funding success, the company is confident it can deliver current orders on time, which is scheduled for April/May 2016.

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