The mad bikes of Eurobike - Trefecta’s €22,500 super e-Bike

Eurobike is providing some spectacular bikes for us to share with you

You see some sights at Eurobike, I can tell you. One of the most outlandish bikes I spotted at the Demo Day, which precedes the actual show, was this Trifecta DRT super e-Bike, which looks more like a motorbike but there’s a fairly conventional bicycle hiding underneath its aggressive exterior.

With its carbon fibre spoked wheels, front and rear suspension, disc brakes and an electronic motor housed inside an aluminium frame and wrapped up to like just like a motorbike, it’s a proper, genuine, hard-turner. Making it go is a 4kW motor and 60 volt lithium ion battery, with a 14-speed Rohlof Speedhub and SmeshGear transmission. Apparently, and we haven’t verified this by riding it, the top speed is 70kph. Range, that’s a claimed 100km.

All the electronic settings can be controlled using a Can-bus fly-by-wire computer mounted on the handlebars with a choice of automatic gear selection. Bluetooth and WiFi lets you hook it up to a smartphone for navigational duties.

The cost? A not insignificant €22,500. Yes we know, how much! If you want to know more, maybe you're interested, point your browser at to find out more.

More mad bikes from Eurobike soon...

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