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CTC urges cyclists to 'Vote Bike' at next election

Riders told to push candidates on cycling commitments

Laid low by Labour? Conned by the Conservatives? If you don't know which way to jump at the next election, there's only one solution, according to the CTC – Vote Bike!

The UK's national cyclists' organisation has launched a campaign of that name which aims to encourage riders to push all Parliamentary candidates to commit to cycling.

Earlier this week, the CTC criticised the government's Active Travel Strategy for not going far enough to promote cycling and put its money where its mouth is. Vote Bike aims to address this by pushing for cross-party support in the new parliament for a firmer cycling action plan.

The CTC’s new online campaigning tool makes it easy for cyclists to send emails to their PPCs asking them to express their support for CTC’s Vote Bike Manifesto. The site will show how PPCs have responded to the questions, and any comments they have made about cycling.

CTC Campaigns and Policy Director Roger Geffen said: “Vote Bike is a quick and easy way to campaign for cycling. It will encourage the new government to put cycling closer to the heart of their policies on health, transport and communities. It will also provide cyclists with information about what their local candidates think about cycling and will help CTC lobby even more effectively for cycling to be mainstream.”

The Vote Bike Manifesto calls for:

* Commitment to cycling from government departments, local authorities, health and other relevant bodies, to contribute to a national doubling of cycle trips whilst halving the risks within ten years.

* Cycle friendly planning and design by local authorities and developers. Practitioners need the training, skills, assessment tools and political support to deliver quality cycling conditions throughout the road network.

* Safe drivers and vehicles to tackle the threats of lorries, speeding and irresponsible driving, through training and awareness campaigns for both drivers and cyclists, backed by lower speed limits (e.g. 20 mph for most urban streets) and stronger, better enforced road traffic law.

* Better provision for combining cycling with public transport by ensuring good access to stations and interchanges, secure parking (including ‘cycle hubs’ at major stations) and sensibly managed provision for carrying cycles on public transport.

* Encouragement, incentives and opportunities to try out cycling, in schools and workplaces, and for key target groups (e.g. health patients and disadvantaged groups), plus tax incentives to support the use, purchase and repair of cycles and related accessories.

* More and better opportunities for recreational and off-road cycling including the appropriate opening up of green spaces, forest land, rights of way, waterways and sections of Britain’s coast.

The CTC says Vote Bike is about giving all cyclists the opportunity to engage with potential decision makers to find out where they stand on making cycling for transport, health and leisure part of everyday life.

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