Perfect Hour, written and performed by Chantelle Lee

Great sporting events and pop songs go together like curry and chapatis. Think of New Order's World in Motion or, of course, Kraftwerk's Tour de France or Everybody Wants To Run The World by Tears For Fears. For Alex Dowsett's Hour Record attempt in February 2015, the Movistar team offers, er, some badly lip-synched Europop.

Perfect Hour was written & performed by Chantelle Lee and produced by Daniel Carasco. The video features artily shot footage of Dowsett and other Movistar riders training, intercut with Ms Lee singing and bopping about.


Dowsett makes his attempt on the record at 7pm on February 27 at the Lee Valley Velopark, aka the London Olympic velodrome. Adult tickets start from £27.50.

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