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Video: Time trialling into a Force 9 at the Dutch Headwind Championships

A sea wall, single speed bikes & 200 masochists

They take their cycling very seriously in the Netherlands - except when they don't, as this video from the Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships shows.

It's a refreshingly mad idea: wait until the weather forecast is for Force 9 gales and then run a time trial along a windswept sea wall. To make it even more entertaining, make the riders use upright, one-speed bikes, even if they're legendary mountain bike racer Bart Brentjens.

The weather-dependence meant the race had to be organised at the last minute, but even with just two days to get the word out, it attracted 200 lunatics, er, competitors.

Brentjens eventually finished ninth. Winner Wouter Mesker took 18 minutes and six seconds to cover the 8.5km course

We're particularly impressed with the TV presenter here. How many British presenters could hop on a bike and do a piece to camera while riding and holding a microphone?

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Flying Heron | 9 years ago

Brilliant, what we having next penny farthing team time trials!!!! (that's copyright in case the Dutch read this!)

therevokid | 9 years ago

totally, totally bonkers and typically Dutch ... good on 'em  4

Phil T | 9 years ago

Looks strangely reminiscent of Graeme Obree's tuck position.
Another of the mad events which makes cycling such an intriguing sport.

antonio | 9 years ago

Mad, crazy, but I love it.

Nick0 | 9 years ago

This was me cycling home last night.

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