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Chilean rider captures moment he collides with pedestrian in heavy traffic on helmetcam

Both cyclist and pedestrian were navigating gridlock

A cyclist who was weaving through traffic in Chile has posted a video to YouTube of the moment he collided with a pedestrian who was doing the same.

Ricardo Escobar caught the moment he tried to push between two slow moving buses and hit a young woman who was crossing the road on helmet cam.


He hits the ground face first, and comments on his video: “Paf! to the ground. The most painful thing was to lose my great front light smashed by cars.”

He turns around to film the woman being led away by a friend as she holds her stomach.

Escobar has clearly learnt a lesson, adding: “I used to ride my bike in the city like an a******, this is the result. No need to say that we’re in Chile.

"No bicycle lanes, laws, nothing.”

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