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Dave Mirra and Dave Zabriskie among four man team to win Race Across America

Pippa Middleton and team also cross finish line of 3,000 mile endurance race

Dave Mirra and Dave Zabriskie were among a four man team who have won the team category in the 2014 Race Across America (RAAM) in five days, 11 hours and 41 minutes.

Coming in to Annapolis, Maryland, in a race that spanned 3,020 miles from Oceanside, California along with former X Games athletes Ben Bostrom and Micky Dymond, Mirra and Zabriskie were on pace to break the four-person race record of 23.06 mph set in 2004 until the final day when a severe chest cold hampered Dymond

Meanwhile the team including Pippa Middleton finished early on Saturday morning.

The Royal sister in law was riding for the Michael Matthews Foundation, named after a mountaineer who died while descending Mount Everest in 1999 - which raises money to educate low-income children and often builds schools for communities in need.

Their team covered the 3,020 miles in miles in six days, 10 hours, and 54 minutes.

She was the only woman in a team of eight, which also included her brother James.

Asked if she had saddle sores, Pippa told the Daily Mail: "It wasn't too bad. I think it was because I chose a particularly comfy saddle.

"The hardest thing was the sheer endurance of it and not getting enough sleep. We averaged about three hours a night."

The Legends of the Road faced their own challenges too with an underfunded support team, not enough room for everyone to sleep in the vehicles and Dymond having an emergency root canal the day before the race began.

But Mirra, 40, told ESPN: "You gotta really want to do this. You can't just kind of want to do this. But it really wasn't hard to ride my bike for five days. That's five days of freedom to disconnect yourself from the world. It's actually kind of easy to be able to do that."

"I promised them [the rest of the team] it would be an adventure, and I think I delivered on that," Dymond said.

"It was a death march to Annapolis. You didn't want to let down one of your teammates. The intensity level for five days was gnarly, and we're exhausted. And as bad as we are, we got to at least take little naps.

"The crew barely sleeps and everyone has got to be so shattered. As far as a race goes, I can't think of one that is harder on the rider and the crew."

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