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Falling freeway bicycle racks up $49,000 US lawsuit

Women injured in crash caused by bike falling from car rack sues for $49,000 in Oregon, US

A bicycle that fell from its owner's roofrack on the Interstate 5 Highway in Oregon, US has led to a woman filing a $49,000 lawsuit, claiming she suffered a variety of whiplash-related injuries.

The Redline R550 road bike was attached to the top of a car owned by local bike shop employee, Todd Foreman-Kinder, before a strap broke which freed the bike and allowed it to fall into oncoming traffic.

The claimant, Dawn Martin, managed to avoid a collision, but says she was rear-ended by the car behind her, causing her injuries.

According to The Oregonian both the driver of that vehicle and Foreman-Kinder are the subjects of the $49,000 lawsuit.

Strangely, the day after the incident, Foreman-Kinder and his girlfriend, to whom the $1,000 bike belonged, reported it stolen and appealed online for its safe return. reported that Foreman-Kinder had indeed seen the bike fall from the roofrack, but could not stop on the highway to retrieve it.

After coming off at the next exit and circling back on to the northbound carriageway, the couple arrived at the scene of the incident to find no sign of the injured Ms Martin or the bike.

A commenter on the story later said that he had seen the incident and that the bicycle was a write-off.

The attorney representing Martin, Brian Ruff, said: "It makes good sense for people who are transporting bicycles, or any cargo, to make sure it’s secured."

Martin is looking for $15,000 for medical bills and a further $34,000 in damages for the pain she claims she suffered as well as her assertion that she is unable to live her life as she would normally.

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