New facility more than doubles number of parking spaces

Liverpool Street station’s cycle parking capacity has more than doubled thanks to the installation of new two-tier cycle racks. The new facility has increased space from around 70 bikes to 189. The same type of racks were successfully installed at Surbiton and Wimbledon about five years ago.

Specialist company Cycle-Works installed the new German-designed Josta racks, which use an innovative rear wheel-locking design, allowing bikes to be safely lifted overhead. The improvement was funded by Transport for London's Centre for Cycling Excellence.

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said was delighted with the new facility: "These are impressive bike racks. It's pleasing that provision is improving for rail passengers, though it looks like these racks have filled up almost immediately.

“We're pleased the mayor has pledged another 60,000 new bike racks in London, up from his commitment to only 10,000 last year. This is much nearer the 100,000 spaces LCC has consistently said London urgently needs."

Earlier this year, Transport minister Lord Adonis criticised cycle parking at London’s mainline stations after touring them by bicycle. He said that the rail network is currently ‘letting down’ cycling commuters.

He has also visited Leiden in Holland, where he saw cycle parking for 4,500 bikes – 300 more than the entire city of London. The Josta racks are widespread in Leiden.

Lord Adonis said: “I think we can do a lot better. There is a big job to be done but I am determined to see improvements in the facilities at our stations.

"I want to see every major station also serve as a cycling hub, as is the case in Holland," he added. "Cycling in Holland is not in the genes, it's in the facilities that are available."

Last month Lord Adonis announced that £14 million would be spent to create 10 new cycling hubs at mainline stations and 10,000 extra cycle parking spaces across the country.

Train operators were also said to be desperate to increase passenger numbers and the creation of cycling hubs has been seen as one way of attracting those who would otherwise not consider leaving their bike in an insecure stand outside a station. It is also hoped that the hubs will encourage more frequent rail travel by occasional train users.