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Video: Highlights of some of 2013's most memorable cycle racing moments

Can you each race and rider…? Even if you can't it's still well worth a look...

Re-live your year in cycle racing with this video compilation made by a fan.

It’s the perfect pre-Christmas parlous game too - can you name the iconic scenes as they appear, distinguishing your Tour de France from your Giro D’Italia? Your Passo Castrin from your Alpe d’Huez?

It’s not just grand tours that are covered either - there’s some legendary time trialling and beautiful scenery thrown in to boot. 

So go on - have a stab. List as many races, stages and riders as you can, and you never know, there might be a sock prize in it if you impress us.*

*Scoring may be completely arbitrary. Judge's decision is final.

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