UK’s only handmade show will be at London’s Lee Valley Velopark next April

We recently revealed that Bespoked, the UK’s only handmade show, is moving from its old home in Bristol to the new Lee Valley Velopark in London next year, and now the organisers have revealed the lineup for the show, which takes place on 11-14th April 2014.

With the move to the venue of the London 2012 Olympics where Team GB’s track stars bagged a huge haul of medals, the organisers will be able to showcase even more of the most desirable, exotic and inspiring handmade bicycles from builders around the world. The organisers tell us they have over 90 framebuilders lined up, and it’s not all frames and bikes, there will be makers of fine cycling products and accessories at the show too. 

So if you pop along you can expect to see names such as Brian Rourke, Condor, Roberts, Mercian, Longstaff, Swallow and Woodrup, along with some of the younger framebuilders to emerge in recent years, like Feather, Donhou, James, Field, Saffron, Mather and Oak.

As well as celebrating the best in UK framebuilding, there will be an international feel with a clutch of names from Portland Oregon, itself a hotbed of cycling, with Ahearne Cycles, Igleheart, Winter and Strawberry Bicycles being on display. Representing Italy, the undoubted spiritual home of cycling, will be the likes of Tommasini, Legend, Daccordi, Faggin, De Rosa, and Pegoretti. Plus there’ll be exhibitors from as far afield as Hungary, Taiwan and South Africa.

On Friday Bespoked launched a new weekly feature introducing you to some of the exhibitors and showcasing their work, framebuilder of the week, it’s worth a look, this week it’s Andy Newlands from Strawberry Bicycles and Rollo Lunn from Grim Cycles.  

While the show has undoubtedly had a steel flavour in recent years, the organisers tell us that there’ll be more carbon framebuilders on show, including the likes of Legend, Cyfac, Craddock, De Rosa, Tsubasa, Festka and Condor, to name a few. SOmething for everyone then.

You can read our highlights from Bespoked 2013 here and a chat with Tom Donhou about his 100mph bike, pictured above. Want more? How about our chat with Dániel Merényi on what it’s like to have Dario Pegoretti as a boss? Lastly, here’s the roundup of 2013’s award winners.

Here’s the full 2014 exhibitor list:

14 Bike Co
18 Bikes
Advanced Velo Design - Windcheetah
Ahearne Cycles
Alchemy Bicycle Company (Mosquito)
August Wheelworks
Baum (Prestige Cycles)
Bear Bikes
Blacksmith Bikes
Brian Rourke
Brick Lane Bikes
BTR Fabrications
Carradice of Nelson Ltd.
Cherubim (Kinoko Cycles)
Cloud 9 Cycles
COFA engineering
Condor Cycles
Curtis Bikes
Da Rosa
Daccordi S.R.L
DMO Frameworks
Donhou Bicycles
Downland Cycles Ltd
Enigma Titanium Ltd
Feather Cycles
Field Cycles
Flat Frame Systems
Fosse Framesets
Freshtripe & Hobo Bicycles
Hackney GT
Independent Fabrication (Kinoko Cycles)
Igleheart Custom Frames & Forks
Inspired Cycle Engineering
Just Riding Along
Kinoko Cycles
Kirchner Custom Castings
Libertine Bicycles
Limit Engineering
Lock 7
Loopwheels (Jelly Products Ltd)
Malcolm Custom Bicycles
Mercian Cycles Ltd
Merényi Bicycles
Middleburn Cycle Components Ltd
Milk bikes limited
Mosaic (Prestige Cycles)
Mosquito Bikes
Moss Bikes
Munin Bikeworks
Mustard (Prestige Cycles)
Nagasawa (Kinoko Cycles)
Oak Cycles
Oram Kaye
Paulus Quiros
Pegoretti (Mosquito)
Poetry In Motion Cycles
Prestige Cycles
Pretorius Bikes
Quoc Pham
Racer Rosa
Ravens Cycles
Reynolds Technology
Robin Mather Cycles
Rohloff AG
Royce UK
Rusby Cycles
Ryde Rims
Saffron Frameworks
Schwalbe Tyres UK Ltd.
Shutt Velo Rapide
Slate Cycles
Strada Wheels
Strawberry Bicycles
Sven Cycles
Swallow Bespoke
Swarf Cycles
Sword Cycles
Synergy Action
Talbot Frameworks
Tatts and Beards Workshop
Teague Bicycles
Ted James Design
The Bicycle Academy
Tim March
Titchmarsh Cycles
Toad Custom Cycles
Tonic Fabrication (Kinoko Cycles)
Union of Pedallers
Vienna Framebuilders
Whiter Cycles
Wildcat Gear
Wilkinson Cycles
Winter Bicycles
Wittson Custom Ti Cycles
Wold Cycles
Woodrup Cycles
Zullo (Mosquito)


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