I knew I pushing my luck without Bennett on stage 21 but with only two transfers and sitting at 13OR I thought Van Poppel top five with Viviani would keep me on for a top 20 badge hopefully.

What the hell was that breakaway thing all about with him?

One of the worst decisions by any rider in the Giro this year...surely that wasn't the team plan was it?



MinardiM189 [683 posts] 1 year ago

I'm guessing he got bored riding around on meaningless laps of Rome and struck out in a red rage at the pointless stupidity of the last stage.

Sniffer [673 posts] 1 year ago
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Plus he knew he couldn't beat Viviani or Bennett if he waited for a sprint.  Do the same thing on the sprint stages and get the same results.  Try something and it might come off.

Unfortunately for both you and I, a top 5 was meaningless for him.  Throwing the dice and making his Giro a success by winning a stage another way was his gamble to take.

Worst decision by him, or worst decision by us?  Probably the lattter.  At least I had 3 transfers so both Bennett and Viviani went in.



Dr Winston [825 posts] 1 year ago

I understand the logic sniffer but that close to the end on the final stage seemed a bit strange. At one point I saw him look around as if wondering how he found himself there. It was quite early in the break so maybe it was just a happenstance that he found himself there or else he would have just kept his head down and ploughed on.