I think, therefore I blog

Welcome to my blog. Perhaps you've already met. I've been using questions from the forum as springboards for flights of fancy.

Just to put a face to the name, here's a recent pic of me:

Sorry, I meant this one:

which may be less flattering.

I thought it might be helpful to provide a user guide:
Don't take this too seriously.*
That's it.

Short bio: Just the facts.

I've cranked my carcass across Britain a few times, but these days am mostly contented with winching my singlespeeds up the hills of East Sussex, racing round the roundabouts of London, and basically pedalling my way to bliss.



Agony Guy [25 posts] 6 years ago

* Which is to say, seriously enough to risk angina if I'm off your beaten track. As I mentioned at the beginning:


The editor has given me leave, possibly of my senses, to do what I do best: examine cycling from the fringes. And sometimes not even cycling per se. But definitely the fringes.

See also my reply on the historic banana post, back when I was still struggling to formulate my policy on comments. Which has culminated in the following solution: