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James is trying to do everything and is ending up doing nothing...

In my mind everything was planned nicely. 

I did the club hardriders on my old bike (see picture) before building up the new beast last weekend. A lovely spin on Sunday in the unseasonably hot weather set me up for a week of sportive preparation. 

Now work and other stuff has taken away that relaxing build up and I am currently smashing my way through a Dairy Milk on the sofa after getting home late. The glass of wine has already been consumed...

I should be putting the lights on and doing miles in the morning before having breakfast with my Wife & Daughter and then getting back to the office but I am thinking that relaxing in  bed a little longer might offer more benefit. 

Secondarily, the weather forecast is less than adequate and I am getting criticism from friends for considering leaving the new bike in the garage lest it gets wet and dirty on its first proper outing... 

All I know is that I can't wait to get to the start of the Wiggle No Excuses sportive and get out there on local roads with friends new and old... don't mention the fact its Mothers Day though!

Who knows? if the weather picks up, you might recognise me from my socks laugh



If so, please say hello, would be good to put some faces to names. 



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