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'Z' frame at biCyCle store Paris

Pourquoi? Parce que nous pouvons...

This interesting Z frame in the process of being assembled was posted on biCyCle store Paris this afternoon.

As biCyCle store Paris describe themselves as "la boutique spécialisée en vélos haut de gamme à usage citadin" we're interested to see what high-end city cyclists are riding in Paris these days.

That fork rake suggesting a small front wheel looks like it's going to build into a pretty fierce machine in proper 1970s Francesco Moser style which is just the first thing you'd question on a city bike. Mainly though it's that jagged point right where you wouldn't want a jagged point that gives us the heebie-jeebies for riding around town. Or anywhere else for that matter.

We're calling 'dix points' for workmanship, 'nil points' for user friendliness.

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