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Tour Series support race draws to within 3 hours...

I have whoofed down the microwaved pasta and have only one more meeting to go before darting out of the office in full kit to get the bike out of the car and pedal into Peterborough to sign on.

It has been kind of surreal so far today lugging a huge kit bag up to my desk and I am desperate to get out there and enjoy the ride. Two laps of a 1200 metre circuit isn't hopefully going to give me too long to enjoy it (!) then its a swift pedal across town to get home, showered and ready to head back for tonights main event (which even I accept is more important that the TravelChoice time trial!)

Will I win ? absolutely not. Will anyone try harder than me and enjoy it more than me? not a chance. For a middling amateur rider like me the opportunity to give it the big 'un on closed roads in the city of my birth is a going to be awesome and one to tick off the to do list.

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