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In my Sticky Pod

I carry loads of stuff around with me on rides. Is it just me?

I've got a bit of a thing for carrying loads of stuff around on longer rides. "Longer rides" is a pretty moveable feast. It can mean:

  • Erm, longer rides. Like maybe over 100km or when I'm on my own or going somewhere where there isn't a Tesco's every five miles;
  • Rides where I feel responsible for someone, or a group of people;
  • If I'm riding with people I don't know, or don't trust to be able to fix their own bike;
Dave's Sticky Pod 2.jpg

Anyway, I carry my Sticky Pod and cram it with stuff. It'll fit in my back pocket still. Although sometimes I stick it in a frame bag, if I'm doing a longer thing. Anyway. Here's what's in it. I don't always carry everything, but this is more or less the full kit.

Dave's Sticky Pod 3.jpg

A multitool. This one's a Merida one, with a chain splitter and some just-about-functional spoke keys. It's quite flat so it fits in the Sticky Pod nicely. Sometimes I swap it out for a Tern Tool, which has a pedal spanner so it's handy if you need one.

Dave's Sticky Pod 4.jpg

An inner tube. I run tubeless on my bike that I do long rides on. This one's a lightweight 700C tube; if I'm on 650 wheels i tend to put a bigger tube in there, still a 700c one that works in a pinch in a 650 but will also patch up someone else's 700c bike.

Dave's Sticky Pod 5.jpg

Tyre levers. The Tern tool has tyre levers built in which'll do if you're desperate but these Park Tool ones are much better for roadside repairs.

Dave's Sticky Pod 6.jpg

Spare lube. it says Muc-Off C3 on the tube but I've filled it back up a few times with whatever's in the shed. Although actually I might have filled it back up with Muc-Off cause I have about a gallon of that. I can't remember.

Dave's Sticky Pod 8.jpg

A mini pump. Most mini pumps are pretty average to be honest. This SKS Spaero isn't: it has a proper screw-on hose and you can get 100psi in a tyre. 

Dave's Sticky Pod 7.jpg

A CO2 inflator. I don't always carry both but sometimes it's handy to have one quick change in your kit if you need it. Especially if it's horrible out.

Dave's Sticky Pod 9.jpg

A survival blanket. Again, not all the time. But on a really long one, or in a big group, it can be a handy thing to have. I haven't used it yet but I take that as a good thing.

Dave's Sticky Pod 10.jpg

Antiseptic wipes and plasters. I've used these a bunch of times though. Last time when I was riding back from Exeter and made a mess of a junction.

Dave's Sticky Pod 11.jpg

Puncture repair kit. The contents of a Rema Tip Top touring kit decanted into one of the pockets. Except for the little rubber tube for repairing your Woods valve. Anyone ever used that?

Dave's Sticky Pod 12.jpg

Tyre boot and instant patches. A tyre boot is handy, though less so now fivers are made out of plastic and you can just use one of them. The instant patches I didn't even know were in there, to be honest. As you can see from the puncture kit above, I'd need to have a pretty bad day before I needed them.

Dave's Sticky Pod 13.jpg

Quick link. It never hurts to have a spare one of these. I've needed it more than once. For other people's bikes generally.

Dave's Sticky Pod 14.jpg

Tubeless repair kit. This one's a Maxalami kit with the tool Dremeled down a bit to make it smaller. So far I haven't needed it. Although I have used someone else's when I didn't have one of my own.

Dave's Sticky Pod 15.jpg

Needle and dental floss. Amazing what you can fix with a needle and dental floss. Floss is super strong, and it's waxed so it's easy to pull through stuff. I've fixed a shoe with it, and a rip in someone's tyre sidewall. You could probably give yourself stitches. I wouldn't recommend that, I guess.

Dave's Sticky Pod 16.jpg

Spare cable. A gear cable will do as a brake cable in a pinch if you carry a washer that'll stop it pulling through the lever. So you really only need one. Unless you're really unlucky.

And that's it! Except for a fiver for a coffee. Or to use as a tyre boot. What's in your kit?


Dave is a founding father of, having previously worked on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike magazines back in the day. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats.

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