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The racer and his bike…


End of season tiredness. Almost every racer suffers from it. Only a few races left and a 'can't be arsed to go out training' attitude. You are getting lazier with every week and are dying for a break without a bike. Why would you go out training when there are only a few races left? You won't lose your fitness that fast, so long hours in the saddle or hard interval training rides, I don't think so!

This season however, I seem to have some half decent form still so plenty of morale to smash it in training. My bike on the other hand, seems to be the one with end of season tiredness...

First sign was last weekend, first puncture of the year during a training ride and of course it was a wet day as well. Is my bike trying to tell me not to go out in the rain anymore?

Warning number two came the day after, I thought I would get a fair few hours in. It was a lovely sunny day, so why not go out and enjoy and top up the tan during a nice endurance ride. Missus two wheeled know-it-all didn't think this was such a good idea and after an hour and a half I was standing on the side of the road with a shifter lever in my hand. Brilliant.

To make sure I got the message my bike even decides to pester me in my sleep. Yes, I do keep my bike in my room, pure love doesn't have boundaries! Although I did think of kicking her out that night. In the middle of the night the rear tyre suddenly threw all the air out in a big sigh. So much for a good night of sleep the day before an interval session. Because my season lasts at least another few weeks, I decided I wouldn't take any more abuse of her. Yes, my bike is female, men can only have such a love/hate relationship with a woman.

So today I washed her with extra care today, said some nice words and treated her with new shiny white bar tape. I've never been very good with women, but if this doesn't help, can someone tell me what will?!

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