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Application for a blog…


Hello team
Like many others, no doubt, I'd like to request a user blog.

Simple. I have three main ambitions this year, although two of them only involve road bikes (the other being even more esoteric: the track).

The first ambition is to get properly fit. Since being forced to stop playing other competitive sport (hockey; a ball in the face resulted in damaged eyesight and three titanium plates to hold me together), I have enjoyed cycling as purely a leisure pursuit. Then I joined a club. Sure, they were friendly, but they were all fitter than me. I let this go for a while, but there was only so long I could cope with tales of bunch sprints and fast 25s.

So, I'm currently battering myself in an attempt to get into some sort of shape; enough, I hope, to allow me to give road racing and the odd TT a go. I have desire, and a little youth on my side. Oh, and an 81 year old coach in the form of the legendary Harold "H" Nelson.

I'm also giving the Étape another go this year (after bailing at the tope of the Port du Bales in 2007), together with the 140km edition of the Tour of Flanders sportive. The final ambition is to finish my track accreditation at Manchester, and startr training (and, ultimately, racing) there. And none of this includes commuting by bike, some more touring (although probably not Belgium in November again - good though the Ghent Six days were), and general utility riding. I may even - whisper it - find myself astride my mountain bike once more. But that's not strictly "road" cycling, is it.

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