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It's here!

After a week or so of badgering Tony and Dave, my blog is live and kicking on So welcome aboard and hopefully it wont take you long to get onto my warped wavelength. I am taking todays blog as my audition and having read the "want to write" instructions down the left hand side of the page, I am going to use the 200 odd word review suggested as my opening gambit. "I want to write on and here is my review of the site promoting jersey I got for Christmas. My partner is so anti-argyle it isn't true. She hisses when David Millar is on tv, it's that bad. So convincing her to buy me a jersey took all of my charm and persistence. She did like the colour. It wont clash with the celeste of my Bianchi apparently and as we all know cycling is 100% about fashion. I had never owned an Endura garment before and I had always thought of them as a fat tyre brand. I should not have feared as the baggyness of MTB clothing isn't on show here and the jersey has a great racing cut. The zip is long enough for me to get my chest hair out in the fens this summer (should I ever grow some) and the website's logo looks mighty fine on the front. So there you have it. A blog, an introduction and a product review all in one!!!

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Tony Farrelly | 15 years ago

 Thought she'd appreciate a pic  of some lovely plaid

dave atkinson | 15 years ago

we give in too easily  1

Good to have another voice on board, and glad you like the jersey... responses to the first user survey seem to indicate that opinion is divided!

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