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Countdown to Spain -1

The day has dawned and once the office stuff is completed and the other passengers are on board we will be making a dash for the ferry.

Packing the car was an intricate piece of art with frames cross angled and wheels packed in last. It took about 45 minutes in the cold and dark last night but the advantages of not having a rack will apparently become clear in fuel consumption from a lack of drag.

The weather prospects do seem a lot better now that all of the long sleeved training tops and full tights are packed. As long as we dont have to pedal up through the snow line on Els Angels we should still be able to wear the commemorative kit that we got for the trip from our good friends at Cycle

So just some groceries to get and we can head for the channel. I have to say that this sort of road trip with cycling included has been an ambition of mine for as long as I can remember, and today it becomes reality.


As build up to weddings go, this one has been very, very busy for a whole host of reasons. But we are now in the phase where we are enjoying ourselves before the final bits of planning occur.

Roll on 5pm.

Keep an eye on the webcam... we might yet pose on the beach Monday and see if anyone spots us...

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