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Countdown to Spain -3

So three days to go before we head off for our road trip to Spain for a bit of cycling.

The good news is that it is snowing heavily where we are going. See webcam. Rotten luck eh?

Well the better news is that the forecast for the end of the week is looking a little better with up to 12 degrees on Saturday. Cold nights though so we will be huddled up in the appartment as it has been locked with shutters down since September... brrr.

I did get out on the best bike over the weekend and found a cut in my back tyre. Am hoping to get a new one before the off. If not I will be visiting one of the nearest bike shops on the Costa.

E-Steve and Freebike being the choices. Both have shop teams and I proudly bimble around the fens in my Freebike/Sant Jordi/Idea kit.

Click here for a bit of modelling. My favourite jersey ever.

Tomorrow will be the penultimate update from me on the trip. If I can get online in Spain I will keep you updated on the climbs and good times.

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