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Should the Tour come back?

With the release of visitor and revenue numbers for the 2014 Grand Depart in Yorkshire, should we be looking to make the Tour de France part of the UK sporting summer?
Here is a potentially controversial viewpoint. 
I loved having the Tour here and I want to see a legacy of cycling develop in Cambridgeshire, I truly do. 
As a Tour de France nut, would I like to see the race on a rotation back to the UK every 3-4 years? 
No. Not at all. I would rather have quality visits from the Tour, as opposed to more frequent excursions from the mainland. 
I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams being able to cycle from my house to the Tour. Never. I had that opportunity and it will remain one of the most memorable days of my life. So I feel a little bit selfish for wanting to ration the race's appearances on this island. 
But part of the reason for that is that the Tour remains a mystical, continental event for me. It's ingrained on my brain that way. 
The Tour de France, by virtue of its name, belongs in France. Even the Utrecht start next summer is offending me slightly, although trips to the surrounding countries to Le Hexagon are very regular. 
For me, the purist, there should be no consideration for money in play when the parcours is discussed. The race should go where the race is most likely to entertain. 
The real world however, spoils my view! 

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