FSA Orbit headset: now in colour!

Anodising comes to the Orbit. World continues to turn on axis.

by Dave Atkinson   October 15, 2009  

FSA Orbit MX headset colours

Okay it's not the most exciting bit of news we've ever posted: Dan at FSA distibutors Windwave started his email with "it's hard to imagine a more important yet inconspicuous bicycle component than the headset", and we'd tend to agree, especially about the inconspicuous bit. But your FSA Orbit MX headset can be a little bit less inconspicuous now, because you can have it in a range of gaudy anodised colours.

The Orbit MX has angular contact bearings on the inside for smooth steerage and the whole thing weighs in at a reasonable 96g. If you're looking for some anodised goodness for the front of your bike and you're on a budget then at a penny short of £50 it's a lot cheaper than a Chris King and sneaks under the Hope units too. You can't get a Rasta version though: you can choose from black, blue, gold, green, gun metal, red, & white. All FSA kit comes with a two year warranty. For more information go to www.fullspeedahead.com. Actually, there probably isn't much more information.



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