Bikes to sell cars… Danny MacAskill does it again

by Tony Farrelly   October 27, 2009  

Interesting Dutch ad for VW, wonder if we'll see it over here? I'm sure we will… and I wonder what it says about how the world views people on bikes? Cool enough to sell cars, in Holland anyway


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As a trials (and a road) rider, I love the publicity that it's getting. Danny is doing really well for himself and at long last trials is finally getting the exposure it deserves!

All the gear and no idea!

posted by JonMack [172 posts]
28th October 2009 - 7:48

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Yeah, I think it's great too, he can do amazing things on a bike and he deserves the recognition (and the cash) plus I also like the fact that this is a car ad that features much more of a guy riding a bike than it does of the actual car itself.

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
28th October 2009 - 8:47