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Zipp debuts new tyres with Goodyear that “ensure safe retention” on its hookless rims

Three new models are designed specifically for use with Zipp’s 303 and 353 wheels

Zipp has introduced new tubeless tyres, developed with Goodyear, that feature “a bead construction and geometry [that] ensure safe retention on Zipp rims”. The Goodyear Vector R Fitment Series tyres are said to be optimised for use on Zipp’s 353 and 303 wheels, although they’re compatible with all Zipp wheels.

Zipp is one of SRAM's brands and these tyres have been released alongside the new Red AXS groupset. You can find out all about SRAM Red AXS here.

There has been a bit of a hoo-ha (it’s a technical term) recently – some might even go so far as to describe it as a hullabaloo – about the safety of Zipp’s hookless rims after incidents at the UAE Tour and Strade Bianche.

That whole discussion was about narrower tyres, though, with Zipp saying that internal testing, statements from the riders affected, and footage confirmed that "major impact forces" were to blame for these incidents. The brand insisted that using 28mm tyres on its rims with a 25mm internal rim width wasn’t the cause, although it advised teams to run tyres at least 29mm wide.

2024 Zipp Vector R NSW tyre - 1

All the new Zipp/Goodyear tyres are at least 30mm wide. It’s interesting, though, that they’re designed for use with particular rims.

> Zipp "reaffirms" safety of its hookless rims, but now advises teams to use tyres no smaller than 29mm 

Zipp says, “Goodyear Vector R tyres for Zipp are unique because they are the first bicycle tyres designed specifically for use on Zipp’s 303/353 25mm internal hookless, tubeless rims. We have worked with the designers at Goodyear to create a tyre with the casing plies in the right place and the tread cap shaped properly for the tyre on a wide, hookless rim. The tyre measures true to the label size on Zipp rims.

2024 Zipp Vector R tyre - 1

“[The tyres] represent the final part of Zipp’s Total System Efficiency – a tyre that rolls fast, is aerodynamic on our wheels, and is made specifically to work with Zipp rims.”

Goodyear says, “The all-new Goodyear Fitment Series tyres mark a significant advancement and a new system-based approach where tyres are developed and optimised for a specific fitment to maximise performance based on intended usage. [They] unlock new potentials in rolling resistance, grip, and aerodynamics.”

In plain English, the tyres have been developed for use with named Zipp rims.

> In conversation with Zipp about hookless wheels: are 28mm tyres ok on 25mm hookless rims, and why are the rules for pros different? 

Top of the pile is the Goodyear Vector R Z30 NSW tyre (£80), the 30 referring to the millimetre width. This one is optimised for use with Zipp’s 353 NSW wheel.

Goodyear says, “The Vector R Z30 NSW is a large volume, lightweight road tyre designed for long-distance riding across varying conditions. A super-supple 150tpi (threads per inch) casing and short-ply construction perfectly complements the Zipp 353 NSW wheels, while the high-grip Dynamic:UHP compound provides the ultra-low rolling resistance needed to conquer mountain summits. Underneath the tread, the R:Shield breaker [anti-puncture belt] provides added protection for all-day riding.”

That Dynamic:UHP compound, is already found on the Goodyear Eagle F1R tyre that we reviewed. Goodyear says that it’s a road-specific compound developed “to reduce rolling resistance while improving grip across a wider range of conditions”.

> Read our review of the Goodyear Eagle F1 R Tubeless Complete tyre

It is designed to measure 30mm on a 25mm TSS (Tubeless Straight Side, or hookless) rim. Zipp claims a weight of 280g.

2024 Zipp Vector R Z30 SW Goodyear tyre - 1

The Goodyear Vector R Z30 SW and Z35 SW tyres (each priced at £80) are said to be optimised for Zipp’s 303 wheels.

“Vector R Z30 SW and Z35 SW are developed with volume and durability in mind,” says Zipp. “A short-ply construction and sturdy 120tpi casing perfectly complement the Zipp 303 family to conquer any road surface, in any conditions.”

2024 Zipp VectorR-Z35 Goodyear tyre - 1

Again, these tyres feature Goodyear’s R:Shield breaker belt and use the Dynamic:UHP compound, but this time with “a durable tread cap”.

The Vector R Z30 SW has a claimed weight of 325g while the Vector R Z35 SW is said to be 365g.

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check12 | 2 months ago

Our rims don't loose tyres but here is a specifically designed tyre because our rims don't need these because they don't loose tyres - make it make sense 

cyclisto | 2 months ago
1 like

How nice, a new industry standard!

mattw | 2 months ago
1 like

I love these slogans.

Does this mean I can now cycle back safely from a curry evening?

Can we donate one to Mr Chump?

Aluminium can | 2 months ago

It's not just the tyres falling off, it's the fact that carbon rims have folded in half that keeps me on aluminium rims.  Seen it happen on a front wheel and I won't be handing over my hard earned money to join the cyclists without teeth club.

lesterama | 2 months ago

Hmm, am I feeling more or less inclined to try hookless now?

Backladder | 2 months ago

So if these tyres are the first to be specifically designed for these rims does that make all other tyres less safe on these rims, conversely are these tyres really safe on all other rims? Is this just another case of proliferating standards in the bicycle industry?

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