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Is this tool-free front bike rack the versatile carrying solution you need for your bike?

New JACK rack is rated for loads up to 5kg and is claimed to be the “least skill/bike-‘discriminatory’ bike rack on the market”

Bike component startup WholeGrain Cycles has launched a front bike rack with a universal fit system that it claims fits more bikes than any other rack on the market.

2021 WholeGrain Cycles Jack City White 1

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“JACK is designed for anything from long distance bikepacking adventures to daily commuting,” says the startup. “They’re built to last with quality materials, few failure points, and easily replaceable parts.”

2021 WholeGrain Cycles Jack Luke Jenya Yunnan 3

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The rack measures 280mm by 230mm by 230mm, and can be mounted on either 31.8mm or 25.4mm handlebars.

2021 WholeGrain Cycles Jack Platform 2

Attaching securely via a “lo-fi”, tool-free system, no tools are needed nor any bike maintenance skills, which WholeGrain Cycles claims makes JACK the “least skill/bike-‘discriminatory’ bike rack on the market”.

Made from 304 stainless steel the brand says this provides a durable cantilevered platform that also dampens vibrations for any precious loads you may be carrying.

2021 WholeGrain Cycles Jack Straps 1

“Two high-strength straps hug the handlebars and stem, and cantilever JACK perfectly over the front wheel, negating the need for a specific fork or bike frame,” WholeGrain Cycles explains.

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A 420D fabric base then separates the load from the front wheel, and this can be removed for either repairing or replacing.

2021 WholeGrain Cycles Jack Fixie WHite 4

WholeGrain Cycles says the JACK rack is rated for loads up to 5kg through a combination of the ISO industry standard for “permanent bicycle carriers”, IS011243-2016, and its own experience of carrying loads on a bike.

Every part of the rack is replaceable for a long use life.

“Take JACK anywhere,” says WholeGrain Cycles, “from a slick city commute to a rowdy off-road bikepacking adventure.”

2021 WholeGrain Cycles Jack Luke Jiangsu 1.JPG

We’ve enlisted the help of to put the JACK to the test, with a full review coming soon. It weighs in at 723g with medium under stem strap, one bungee and one Jack strap, which is the full set up needed for Pat Joscelyne’s bike.

RRP is £60, but the product will soon be launching on Kickstarter. The early-bird price is £45, going up to £55 for the next wave of backers.

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alexb | 2 years ago

Does anyone know where to get that type of bungee cord?

Simon E replied to alexb | 2 years ago

alexb wrote:

Does anyone know where to get that type of bungee cord?

Not sure but it looks similar to this QuickClip adjustable bungee:

brooksby replied to Simon E | 2 years ago

That site sells at least five different types of axe!  (not just brands of axe, but specific purpose axes...).

Hirsute replied to brooksby | 2 years ago
brooksby replied to Hirsute | 2 years ago
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Not really, TBH, but my flabber was well and truly gasted!  3

imajez replied to alexb | 2 years ago
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Halfords used to do a clever bungee with a bit of square plastic at one end you could securely loop bugee into at any length. Sadly folk prefer the annoying hooked versions, so it vanished. 

shufflingb | 2 years ago

fwiw, Russ over on his Path Less Pedaled YouTube channel has tested a sample . He's impressed; product comes over as a well thought out and very flexible design. Being able to chuck a decent rack on the commuter or gravel bike in minutes is a tempting proposition.

Sriracha | 2 years ago

Seems similar in concept to what was used to support a Karrimor Bardale front bag, half a lifetime ago, before KlickFix arrived.

Hirsute replied to Sriracha | 2 years ago

That's what I thought (minus the bungees to stop it going up and down).

Didn't they then produce something that clamped on so you didn't need the bungee anymore ?

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