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Pro announces new saddles, handlebars and bike bags for road and gravel bikes

The range includes alloy versions of some of Pro’s carbon parts

Pro has just announced a range of road and gravel components including three new handlebars, four new bike bags and four new saddles.


2021 Pro Saddle Stealth Sport

Pro says that it has re-engineered part of its saddle range with the Falcon, Turnix and Griffo saddles. There is also a new Sport model of the popular Stealth saddle which replaces the carbon rails of the top-end model, instead using Chromoly rails. While this does add a little weight, the move brings the price down to £79.99. The Stealth saddle is aimed at road racers looking to ride in an aero position more easily. The stubby design allows the rider to push the saddle further forward without falling foul of the UCI saddle setback rules which even cat 4 racers are required to abide by.

The rear of the saddle keeps the wide shape which supposedly supports the rider while in the aero position. The Stealth Sport comes in 142mm and 152mm sizes.

The Falcon, Turnix and Griffon Team saddles all cost £179.99 and feature stainless steel rails, lightweight PU padding, a central cutout and a carbon-reinforced base.

2021 Pro Saddle Falcon

While Pro says that the saddles have been re-engineered, each model still maintains its general features. The Falcon is flat, has a central cutout and Pro says that it suits a flexible rider.

2021 pro Turnix

For those of us with “moderate flexibility”, Pro has the Turnix. This “provides balanced pressure distribution to suit a wide variety of riders” and alongside the cutout design, is available in a classic “closed design.”

2021 Pro Saddle Griffon

Finally, for the least flexible riders, the Griffon “allows riders to move around more on the saddle, but remain comfortable regardless of where they settle.”


Pro Vibe Alloy Aero

Pro is also announcing a number of new handlebars with options for road and gravel bikes. The road range now features an alloy version of the Pro Vibe Aero handlebar. You get exactly the same internal cable routing found on the more expensive carbon version, but the price is reduced down to £99.99. The Pro Vibe Alloy Aero comes in 38cm, 40cm and 42cm widths.

Pro Vibe Alloy Aero Pursuit

There is also a Pursuit model of the Vibe Aero Alloy which offers a 10-degree flare at the drops and a 12-degree forward sweep to the shifter clamp area. Pro claims that this will “encourage riders to maintain a highly efficient and aerodynamic position on the bike.”

Pro Vibe Alloy pursuit 2

Interestingly, Pro is offering the Pursuit in an incredibly narrow 36cm as well as 38cm and 40cm widths.

Pro Discover 20 bar

For the gravel market, Pro now offers the Discover Alloy 20 at £54.99. Constructed using 6066 alloy, the Discover Alloy 20 comes in 40cm, 42cm and 44cm widths with drops that flare out by 20-degrees. The bar features semi-internal cable routing as well as ergonomic tops and compact drops.

Bike Bags

Pro also has a range of Discover Team bags including options for the top tube, frame and seatpost as well as a Discover Small Handlebar bag.

Discover top tube bag

The Discover Team top tube bag (£49.99) weighs a claimed 83g, secures onto the top tube via velcro straps and has a capacity of 0.7L. It is intended to carry “those essentials you need to keep close at hand; like a phone, power bank, or energy bars.”

Discover frame bag

The Discover Team frame bag (£99.99) is designed to sit inside the front triangle and holds a claimed 5.5L. Pro says that no matter how rough the terrain gets, the bag won’t sway.

Pro Discover seatpost bag

“An essential for any cycling adventurer,” the Discover Team seatpost bag boasts a 10L capacity while weighing a claimed 201g. The outside of the bag features bungee cord straps which should allow you to attach items that you need quick access to.

Discover small bar bag

Finally, the Discover small bar bag (£39.99) “straps neatly to a bicycle’s handlebars and steerer” and features two compartments with a waterproof construction allowing for it to be used in wet weather to keep items safe and dry.

All items, apart from the Discover small bar bag (available 14/12/2020) are available now.

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