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Orbea launches updated Terra gravel bike with new geometry and loads of versatility

Revamped range comes with internal cabling, storage inside the frame, and a huge amount of personalisation

Orbea has released a hugely updated Terra gravel bike range that it says is more capable, comfortable and precise than previously. There’s an entirely new geometry, you get storage space within the down tube, and specs are customisable.

2022 Orbea Terra M20iTEAM.jpeg

The original Terra was launched in 2017 and a whole lot has changed in the gravel market since then, so the range was due an update. Orbea says that the new design is aimed at everyone from ‘the true gravel rider’ who wants speed, efficiency and comfort over a variety of surfaces, to explorers who love back roads and getting off the beaten track, to adventurers who want to head into new areas and stay overnight – so it can handle light bike-packing, although it's not designed for weeks’ long epics.

2022 Orbea Terra  - 1.jpeg

Orbea’s road, gravel and triathlon product manager Joseba Arizaga says, “Terra is designed for the widest range of uses and can be configured to handle the way you want, on the terrain you ride. Clever integration and features adapt to your needs, and the Terra gravel geometry is comfortable and precise no matter where you go.

2022 Orbea Terra  - 17.jpeg

“It is a fast, comfortable bike on asphalt, efficient and easy to ride on gravel, and ready for some light bikepacking. All of this without scrimping on performance: it’s not a competition bike, but it doesn’t sacrifice the fun that comes from speed.”

Orbea says that one of the Terra’s biggest strengths is versatility. It can be configured for different terrains thanks to options for personalisation.


“Terra offers a completely new gravel design with a gravel-specific geometry,” says Joseba Arizaga. “We have worked hard using all our experience from both road and mountain bike to deliver precise handling and maximum control.

2022 Orbea Terra  - 5.jpeg

“We have shortened the chainstays to 420mm. We find that this is perfect for optimising agility and acceleration for those who are looking for an exciting performance.”

The height of the bottom bracket has been lowered “for greater stability and control on fast, uneven terrain”. The bottom bracket drop was 68mm on the previous-generation medium-sized frame and is now 78mm, for instance.

“We are looking for a fast, precise, comfortable bicycle, so we decided to move the head angle from a pretty relaxed 69° to the 72° that we have today,” says Joseba Arizaga.

2022 Orbea Terra  - 14.jpeg

That makes for an increased reach with Orbea following the mountain bike-inspired trend towards longer frames and shorter stems that we’re seeing from many brands. The reach of a medium-sized Terra has increased from 385mm to 389mm, for example, while the stem length has dropped from 110mm to 90mm. Orbea says this helps deliver precise handling.

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The bike is taller than previously too, the idea being to “give the rider an optimal position of precision and control in all six sizes available”.

2022 Orbea Terra geometry chart - 1.jpeg

Further back, the seat tube has been shortened considerably; on a medium-sized frame, it was previously 554mm and is now 471mm. This means there’s more unsupported seatpost than before for any given saddle height, making for increased flex. Orbea says that it has altered the rigidity of the frame to improve comfort too.

“The amount of material in the seat tube and bottom bracket has been adjusted to provide just the right amount of rigidity,” it says.

2022 Orbea Terra  - 11.jpeg

Joseba Arizaga says, “the specific Terra fork uses a robust blade profile, longer legs, plus our best OMR carbon monocoque construction to offer the best combination of comfort, tyre clearance and torsional stiffness.”

If you wanted to fit a suspension fork at a later date, Orbea says that’s perfectly possible although it will affect the geometry, of course. You’ll also lose the internal cable routing for the front brake (we’ll come on to cable routing in a mo).

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“All these design features optimise vibration absorption and vertical compliance, and help Terra adapt to rough surfaces without losing its composure or draining your energy,” says Joseba Arizaga.

Chainstays and tyres

As mentioned, Orbea has shortened the Terra’s chainstays to 420mm because it wanted a more reactive bike, but that provides a challenge in terms of clearance.

2022 Orbea Terra  - 10.jpeg

“We have tackled a problem that exists with many gravel frames, namely giving a range of drivetrain options without compromising tyre clearance,” says Joseba Arizaga.

“Using asymmetrical chainstays allows you to run 1x or 2x drivetrains where the small chainring can have a diameter as large as 34T.”

2022 Orbea Terra  - 7.jpeg

In terms of tyres, Terra can take up to 45mm on 700C wheels for speed and efficiency, and up to 50mm on 650B wheels for more traction and comfort (700C wheels are fitted on stock builds).

2022 Orbea Terra  - 12.jpeg

“Multiple wheels and tyre options allow Terra to easily handle tricky terrain, greatly expanding the ground you can cover,” says Joseba Arizaga.

Lockr internal storage

The new Terra comes with storage space, which it calls Lockr, inside the frame. Trek offers something similar in its Domane road bike range, for example, as does Specialized on some of its Diverge gravel bikes (both brands also offer it on mountain bikes too). 

2022 Orbea Terra  - 6.jpeg

“The storage area inside the down tube is hidden behind the water bottle cage,” says Joseba Arizaga. “There is a space for a tube, pump or CO2 cartridge, as well as a selection of tools. Everything is easy to get at, securely stored with space for a snack or your car keys.”

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You open the Lockr via a small lever – no tools are required – and there’s a bag in there for stashing your stuff away without it rattling.


“In addition to space for two bottle holders on all sizes, the frame has a ton of anchoring points to meet your every need: under the down tube for accessories and on the thru-axles for any kind of mudguards,” says Orbea. 

2022 Orbea Terra  - 8.jpeg

It says you’ll have space for 35mm-wide tyres with mudguards fitted. 


“On a modern gravel bike, internal cable routing isn’t just an aesthetic improvement, it makes a massive difference when it comes to mounting frame or handlebar bags for overnight adventures,” says Joseba Arizagax. “For these reasons, the frameset offers our clean, simple internal cable routing system.”

2022 Orbea Terra  - 16.jpeg

Cables are routed beneath a cover that sits on the underside of the stem and from there into the frame. 

2022 Orbea Terra with bag - 1

Orbea says that its system “is perfectly compatible with carrying bags on the frame or handlebars for light bikepacking adventures”.

Other frameset features

The Orbea Terra frame is the same throughout the range, with a 1-1/2in headset (both upper and lower bearings) and a PF30 bottom bracket. 

The Orbea Terra OMR fork comes with a carbon steerer while 12mm thru-axles are used front and rear.

The 2022 Orbea Terra range

The Terra range includes 1x and 2x drivetrains, Shimano and SRAM groupsets, and Vittoria and Pirelli tyres, and Orbea says that the personalisation it offers is “quite possibly the most complete on the market”.

2022 Orbea Terra  - 3.jpeg

We’ve printed the standard specs below but you get various other component options through Orbea’s MyO online customisation tool

For example, the brand says, “Orbea offers you handlebars with a flare of either a 12 or 16º. The OC Gravel handlebars with a 12º flare provide stability and control downhill and are available in compact and double-height versions for a more relaxed position. If you're looking for handlebars with greater flare, there’s always the Easton EC90, with a 16º flare.”

How to buy the perfect bars 

You also get to choose between different models of wheels, tyres, and saddles, and to select your own finish. In some cases, you can also pick a cassette range or opt to have mudguards fitted.

Orbea Terra M30Team 1x £2,899
Groupset Shimano GRX RX600 1x, 40 x 11-40T
Wheels Ready GR, Shimano RS470 hubs 

Orbea Terra M30 Team £2,999
Groupset Shimano GRX RX600 2x, 46/30 x 11-34T
Wheels Ready GR, Shimano RS470 hubs

Orbea Terra M20 Team £3,399
Groupset Shimano GRX RX810 2x, 48/31 x 11-34T
Wheels Ready GR, Shimano RS470 hubs 

Orbea Terra M31eTeam 1x £3,799
Groupset SRAM Rival XPLR eTAP AXS 1x, 40 x 10-44T
Wheels Fulcrum Rapid Red 900 DB

Orbea Terra M20iTeam £4,599
Groupset Shimano GRX RX815 Di2 2x, 48/31 x 11-34T
Wheels Fulcrum Rapid Red 900 DB

Orbea Terra M21eTeam 1x £4,999
Groupset SRAM Force XPLR eTAP AXS 1x, 40 x 10-44T
Wheels Fulcrum Rapid Red 500 DB 

Orbea says that the new models will be available from late autumn... so about now.

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So basically they killed the Avant and now it's back merged with Orca with wider tire clearance?

wtjs | 2 years ago

It says you’ll have space for 35mm-wide tyres with mudguards fitted

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