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Lezyne releases new 'gravel-specific' floor pump range

The Gravel Floor Drive series promises fast, accurate inflation for mid-volume tyres. Also works on non-gravel bikes too...

Lezyne has released the new Gravel Floor Drive series of pumps with analogue and digital gauges. Designed for tyres that are 32mm wide and larger, the pumps feature an effective max pressure rating of 100PSI and claim to have an accuracy level of +/- 0.5 psi.

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2021 Lezyne Gravel Floor Drive Pro 1

We have reviewed plenty of gravel bikes, tyres, handlebars and clothes... but a gravel-specific floor pump? That's a new one. 

"Featuring a barrel diameter optimised for fast, easy inflation of gravel tyres, the Gravel Floor Drive series pushes more air per stroke letting riders spend less time pumping and more time riding," says Lezyne.

The Gravel Digital Drive Pro and the Gravel Floor Drive both have a 3.5in digital gauge for accurate inflation, while the Sport Gravel Floor Drive is the more affordable analogue (dial) option.

2021 Gravel Floor Drive Pro 5

Lezyne’s gravel floor pumps feature the brand’s new Tubeless Chuck. With a flippable design, this Tubeless Chuck threads on to Presta valve cores, or with the valve core removed, directly onto the Presta valve shaft, to provide greater airflow for seating most tubeless tyres. The chuck also features an integrated valve-core tool for easy valve tightening and removal. 

2021 Gravel Floor Drive Pro 4

A versatile, extra-long hose promises easy inflation whether your bike is on the ground or in the workstand.

2021 Gravel Floor Drive Pro 3

Each pump is manufactured in-house by Lezyne and the rebuildable internals promise long-lasting performance.

Prices are as follows…

Gravel Digital Drive Pro: £110

Gravel Floor Drive: £90

Sport Gravel Floor Drive: £70

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