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Hutchinson launches sustainable Gridskin puncture protection on limited edition road and gravel tyres

Reptile-like sidewalls with knitted mesh construction on the Fusion 5 Performance road and Touareg gravel tyres are designed to offer superior puncture protection

Hutchison has released limited-edition road and gravel tyres that feature what it calls Gridskin reinforcement technology designed to increase puncture protection and reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing. The Fusion 5 Performance road and Touareg gravel tyres are available with the brand new sidewall – which looks a lot like reptile skin – that means significantly less wastage in the production process, claims the French brand.

2021 Hutchinson Gridskin 1

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Hutchinson has launched its new Gridskin reinforcement after two years of R&D and the brand says it provides the best balance between lightweight and protection.

2021 Hutchinson Gridskin Chalette Reportage - Zephyr Photography

Chalette Reportage - Zephyr Photography

“Gridskin improves the tyre’s grip and comfort, allowing lower pressures whilst offering greater resistance to punctures and cuts,” says Hutchinson.

2021 Hutchinson Gridskin 6

The “knitting mesh” construction is said to isolate external damage and, Hutchinson says, reduces the chance of embedded sharp objects creating larger holes or eventual punctures.

2021 Hutchinson Gridskin Hardskin structure (left) vs Gridskin structure (right)

Hardskin structure (left) vs Gridskin structure

Hutchinson says that using Gridskin in its Touareg gravel tyre allowed it to drop the weight by 8% compared to the standard Hardskin-reinforced model.

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Hutchinson makes claims of outstanding distortion performance, improved cornering and comfort over rougher surfaces, and says testing results proved this.

2021 Hutchinson Gridskin 3

Handmade in Hutchinson’s factory in France, the brand says the new reinforcement reduces the number of manufacturing processing steps from four to one, and with this, the waste generated and emissions associated with these steps have also been reduced.

2021 Hutchinson Gridskin Chalette Reportage - Zephyr Photography

Chalette Reportage - Zephyr Photography

Less plastic, less rubber and less electricity is used in the streamlined process, claims Hutchinson.

2021 Hutchinson Gridskin 4

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Hutchison calls the Gridskin limited edition tyres a “naked product” as no printed sidewall labels have been added to the tyre which is said to greatly reduce the amount of scrap. It also comes packaged in recycled paper.

Prices are as follows:

  • Fusion 5 Performance Gridskin 700x28: £64.95
  • Touareg Gridskin 700x40: £62.95

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