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Hunt expands Limitless range with 60 Aero Disc wheelset for speed and smooth steering

The 60mm deep wheelset is claimed to maintain a smooth steering moment at greater yaw angles

Hunt claims that its new 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheels “minimise aerodynamic drag while maintaining a smooth steering moment”, for riders seeking faster speeds that they can carry through corners, even in variable conditions.

2021 Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc 1

The new 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheelset sits in the Limitless range alongside the existing 48 Limitless Aero Disc and the 42 Limitless Gravel Disc wheelsets.

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The new tubeless and clincher-ready road wheelset is said to be aerodynamically optimised for 25mm to 28mm tyres and Hunt claims it is “among the fastest in the industry at the target depth category”, just behind the Enve 5.6 SES Disc and Roval Rapide CLX.

Featuring Hunt’s patent-pending Limitless Width Technology, it uses co-moulded low-density polymer (density of 0.7g/cm3 vs. carbon fibre pre-preg of 1.6g/cm3) in the outer rim construction which is said to achieve an extra-wide profile optimised for modern wide tyres while keeping overall rim weight low.

2021 Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc 4

The rims have an external width of 34mm and an internal width of 21mm which, according to Hunt, are the optimal dimensions for a 60mm deep rim designed for 25-28mm tyres.

The profile is said to minimise drag by helping the airflow stay attached longer as it passes over the rim.

“Based on a truncated airfoil shape with a rounded but slightly less U-shaped profile than on lower depth Hunt Limitless offerings, it balances very low aerodynamic drag with maintaining stability in handling,” say Hunt.

“Consistent and predictable bike handling during varying side wind conditions empowers the rider to maintain the most aerodynamic position on the bicycle and fully utilise the benefits of aerodynamically optimised wheels.”

2021 Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc 5

Hunts say wind tunnel data independently published by Mavic shows the 60 Limitless offers “significant reductions in aerodynamic drag while maintaining a smooth steering moment, especially at greater yaw angles, when variable incoming airflows can be most disruptive to the rider”.

2021 Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc graph

The data, analysed with yaw angle weightings, also showed the Hunt 60 Limitless wheels averaged the equivalent of 0.35 watts slower than the Enve 5.6 SES Disc and just 0.22 watts slower than the Roval Rapide CLX, putting the wheelset third fastest in its testing

2021 Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc table

If you are interested in viewing Hunt’s full wind tunnel results, this can be found here.

2021 Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc 3

The Hunt 60 Limitless rim is paired with the brand’s FastEngage Sprint hubs with a 7.5 degree engagement and aero Pillar Elliptical spokes and comes in at a claimed weight of 1669g.

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There’s a choice of EZO bearings or the premium low-friction choice CeramicSpeed bearings.

2021 Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc 2

Available now for pre-order with expected delivery in week 4 of April 2021, this wheelset costs £1169.

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Yorky-M | 3 years ago
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Super to see the growth of this local company

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