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Hiplok reveals ‘world’s first truly portable bike lock to resist angle-grinder attacks’

Hiplok claims its new 1.8kg lock can withstand attacks from the weapon of choice for professional bike thieves

British security and storage brand Hiplok has launched a 1.8kg portable bike lock solution that it claims is capable of resisting "a severe, sustained angle grinder attack".

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2021 Hiplok D1000 IN AIR

Angle grinders are motorised hand tools that are commonly used by professional bicycle and motorcycle thieves as they are highly effectively at cutting through locks, no matter how big or chunky... but “the grind is over”, claims Hiplok, with the launch of its D1000 D-lock. Hiplok want to set a new bar for portable angle grinder-proof locks, given the relatively low weight of 1.8kg (if it is in fact angle-grinder proof - we have one on the way to find out!) 

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2021 Hiplok D1000 COLLAGE 1

Ferosafe composite graphene material is used, that according to Hiplok, “effectively resists high power angle grinders due to its unique chemical and physical properties”.

2021 Hiplok D1000 TESTING

Independently tested by Sold Secure and carrying their top level Diamond rating, Hiplok’s D1000 should also stand up to all other traditional methods of attack.

Its square profile hardened steel core should protect against tools such as bolt croppers, and the D1000 also features Hiplok’s anti-rotation double locking tabs found in all its D-locks. With this technology thieves will need to cut through both sides to steal the bike, according to Hiplok. 

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The 1.8kg lock is available with an optional Carry Pouch for transporting on the handlebars or pannier rack of the bike, or the waist via the integrated belt loops.       

2021 Hiplok D1000 CARRY POUCH

A hard-wearing rubberised outer surface of the lock is also included to prevent the D1000 from scratching the frame when locked up.

Its rubberised weatherproof key seal should protect against elements, while the scalloped design ensures easy access when wearing gloves.

2021 Hiplok D1000 STANDING GLASS

With an internal locking dimension of 155mm high by 92mm wide, and overall dimensions of 225mm high by 155mm wide by 40mm deep, Hiplok says this sizing is ideal for portability, locking convenience, weight and security.  

With a claimed weight of 1.8kg, that’s really quite impressive. US brand Altor Locks created the first angle grinder-proof bike lock back in 2019, but it was not one for carrying around with you; the SAF Lock is a meaty 6.2kg.

Compared to other Diamond rated D-Locks, the D1000 is around double the weight. Master Lock’s Mini U-Lock is the lightest I’ve come across and it's 929g. This difference seems reasonable enough to me, if the D1000 really is angle grinder-proof.

Hiplok is launching the D1000 lock via a Kickstarter campaign which can be found over here, and production is already underway with delivery expected to be in early 2022. You can 'secure' one for £150 if you're one of the first 150 backers, which is a 40% discount off the eventual RRP which will be £250. £168 gets you the lock and a carry pouch, and then the next set of backers after the first 150 will get a 20% discount.

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