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Goodyear updates Ultra-High Performance Road and All-Terrain tyres, adds tan sidewall options

Expanded on and off road collections feature new tan sidewalls

Goodyear has launched new tan sidewalls options and updated the featured technology of its Ultra High-Performance and High-Performance road collections, and its All-Terrain off-road range.

2021 Goodyear Eagle F1 - Tube Type - Tan

2021 Goodyear Eagle F1 - Tube Type - Tan

The expanded range of Goodyear road tyres now totals 36 variations across four tread patterns, catering for different riders’ needs, sizes, and aesthetic preferences.

Tan appears to be very much in again if the positive reaction to our recent coverage of Continental's sneakily-launched GP5000 Transparent is anything to go by; so fans of Goodyear and tan sidewalls will be pleased to know that a tan option is now available across the Goodyear Ultra High-Performance Road and High-Performance collections. 

"While previously available in a tube-type construction, the recent additions include the tan sidewall option for the proprietary Tubeless Complete [see below] construction of the Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 SuperSport," says Goodyear. "In addition, the Eagle Sport tube type will now be offered with a tan sidewall option."

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2021 Goodyear Eagle Sport - Tan

2021 Goodyear Eagle Sport - Tan

The Eagle F1 is Goodyear's all-round road race tyre, and the Eagle F1 SuperSport is said to have optimised rolling resistance and weight for competition.

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2021 Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport - Tube Type - Tan

2021 Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport - Tube Type - Tan

The Tubeless Complete feature of the Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 SuperSport means that a multi-compound material layer has been added to the high-pressure tyre casing, to allow for “improved air retention while providing additional puncture and cut protection with minimal increases in weight,” Goodyear says.

Goodyear has also updated its All-Terrain range with tan sidewall options for its Connector, County and Peak tyres.

2021 Goodyear Connector Tan Wall - Lifestyle - Web Res-1006

The All-Terrain range features what Goodyear calls Dynamic Silica, which is a compound blended with a high silica content to maximise wet weather grip.

2021 Goodyear Connector Tan - Web Res

2021 Goodyear Connector Tan

The tyres feature an R:Shield under tread belt that is said to “offer excellent puncture protection while allowing the tyre to remain supple to maximise performance and comfort”.

2021 Goodyear County Tubeless Complete Tan

2021 Goodyear County Tubeless Complete Tan

The range features Goodyear's dual-angle bead design which is designed to provide a better initial seal against the rim bed for tubeless set up as well as “superior air retention at full inflation pressures”, according to Goodyear.

2021 Goodyear Peak Tubeless Complete Tan

2021 Goodyear Peak Tubeless Complete Tan

The Connector is now available in 700x35, 700x40, 700x50, and 650x50 sizes; the County is available in two new sizes: 700x40 and 650x50; and the Peak comes in a new 700x40 size.

The Eagle F1 Tubeless Complete Tan, Eagle F1 SuperSport Tubeless Complete Tan and the Eagle Sport Tube Type are all available now.

In the All-Terrain collection, the Connector is available now, while the County and Peak are said to be in stock later in April.

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