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Garmin launches Enduro ultra-distance performance watch with huge battery life

The new Enduro GPS multisport watch has a solar charging lens, customisable power management modes and up to 70 hours of battery life in GPS mode

Garmin has unveiled its new GPS multisport watch for ultra-distance cyclists and runners, with lots of battery life thanks to its solar charging lens and customisable power management modes. The lightweight and durable design also features advanced training tools to cater to the performance needs of endurance athletes.

2021 Garmin Enduro_HR_2000.32

A full charge on the new Enduro promises 70 hours in GPS mode, while its Power Glass solar charging lens extends the battery life up to 65 days, when outside in 50,000 lux conditions for three hours per day, claims Garmin.

Settings are said to be easily adjusted to disable features to harness the longest battery life available on a Garmin wearable to date, with customisable power management modes.

2021 Garmin Enduro_HR_2000.31

For durability, the Enduro features a new UltraFit nylon strap and an optional DLC coated titanium bezel.

Enhancements have been made to the ClimbPro feature which previously helped you pace your current and upcoming ascents with real-time data on gradient, distance and elevation gain, and now also includes this information on descents.

2021 Garmin Enduro_HR_2000.30

Navigation and connectivity features include access to multiple global navigation satellite systems, which Garmin says is useful for tracking in more challenging environments rather than relying on GPS alone.

ABC sensors such as an altimeter for elevation, a barometer to monitor weather and a 3-axis electronic compass, are also built-in.

The GPS watch can be paired with Garmin’s inReach Mini satellite communicator to share your location which allows friends and family to follow you along your adventure.

The inReach Mini is said to be lightweight and compact, and in addition to location sharing, it includes interactive SOS.

“When the SOS is activated, a response coordinator will track the device location, notify emergency responders in the area, and stay in communication with preset emergency contacts throughout the incident,” Garmin says.

2021 Garmin Enduro_HR_2001.20

For those who venture off-road, Garmin has introduced new mountain biking metrics, with specialised grit and flow measurements that rate trail difficulty and track the time of descent, giving a score to beat on the next ride.

Selecting the Ultrarun activity on the watch allows users to log time spent at aid stations with a rest timer.

While, health and wellness features include a wrist-based heart monitor and a Pulse Ox3 sensor, which Garmin says is for altitude acclimation and advanced sleep tracking.

Help with scheduling workouts and rest times is also at hand thanks to Garmin’s exclusive Body Battery feature which monitors data to gauge energy levels.

2021 Garmin Enduro_HR_2001.13

Available now, the Enduro models start at £699.99 and go up to £799.99.

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