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Five cool things for autumn cycling from Vulpine, Muc-Off, Altura and Swrve

These are some of the autumn's must have cycling things we're reviewing at the moment

Unfortunately, it does seem as if summer is officially over and it's time to rummage through the drawers for some long-sleeved autumn cycling clothing and gloves, and all the rest of the off-season kit that you've happily forgotten about for months... or a week, if you live up in Scotland! Regardless of your location, here are some of the autumnal essentials we're reviewing at the moment, ranging from some casual rain clothing to wet lube to keep your drivetrain in check. 

If you cannot wait for the full verdicts of the below things to hit your screen, we've already published our first autumnal reviews of the year - and loads more, of course - that you can find over here in our reviews section

Vulpine Men's Rain Trousers - £150 

2023 Vulpine Mens Rain Trousers.jpg

These bottoms are water-resistant trousers designed for both style and functionality. Crafted from 'Epic Cotton', a breathable and water-resistant fabric blend, these trousers claim to offer comfort and durability, and they look hardly any different to your normal trousers. 

They feature a few cyclist-friendly adjustments, though, such as a button ankle adjuster and a higher rear waistband. There are also multiple pockets, reflective seams, a key carabiner, and a "seamless diamond gusset" (i.e. the crotch). 

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Swrve 4-way stretch indigo Cordura slim fit jeans - £90

2023 Swrve 4-way stretch indigo CORDURA slim fit jeans.jpg

These 4-way stretch indigo slim-fit jeans showcase what casual cycling gear can look like. Similarly to the Vulpine trousers above, these jeans feature a seamless diamond gusset, low front waist, higher back waist, and reflective details to ensure both style and functionality. 

The fabric combines the toughness of denim with the comfort of 4-way stretch, offering exceptional durability and freedom of movement when you pedal away. 

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Altura Icon Pocket Rocket Waterproof Packable jacket - £125

2023 Altura Icon Pocket Rocket Waterproof Packable jacket.jpg

The Altura Icon Rocket Packable Cycling Jacket is a lightweight and packable waterproof shell that's easy to carry around for changing weather conditions. It boasts waterproof and breathable fabric with a PFC-free, water-repellent coating. The jacket is made with mini ripstop fabric which means it won't rip if you scrape it a bit, and there is some stretch built into the material to ensure freedom of movement in a riding position. 

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There are reflective elements that enhance visibility in low light, a rear stash pocket and a convenient two-way zip for jersey pocket access.

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Swrve softshell Belgian cap - £30

2023 Swrve softshell Belgian cap - 1.jpg

Caps are not for everyone, but for those who like them, autumn, spring and winter are really the ideal season. They keep your head toasty and dry (as long as you don't sweat too much) and can obviously complement your overall look on the bike. 

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Swrve's Belgian-style winter cap features fleece fold-down ear flaps and a 10K water-resistant softshell material. Designed with flatlock seams for a snug fit under a helmet, it offers protection from wind and water with a short cycling-style brim. 

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Muc-Off eBike Wet Weather Chain Lube - £9

2023 Muc-Off eBike Wet Weather Chain Lube

Do e-bikes need their own lube? Well, Muc-Off thinks they do. The eBike Wet Weather Chain Lube features "proprietary ceramic formulation containing integral Boron Nitride compounds for low friction", and is specifically designed for electric bikes with added torque. 

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The brand says that using the e-bike lube "will help to dramatically reduce fiction while riding and will keep the chain running smoother for much longer than a traditional lube, however there will always be higher stresses on the chain due to the power assisted motor reducing the life of any chain more so than on a normal bike". Whether that is true, we'll need to wait for the full review. 

Muc-Off says it's also ideal for other bike components, such as cables, shifters, derailleurs, and pedals.

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