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CHPT3 and Vielo join forces to launch V+1 Gen 2 gravel bike with 1x Campagnolo groupset and unique paintjob

Millar’s personal bike painter lightly removes thin layers of paint to give the playful, disruptive finish

David Millar’s clothing brand CHPT3 has teamed up with British bike manufacturer Vielo for 50 limited edition CHPT3 + Vielo V+1 Gen 2 gravel bikes with Campagnolo components and one-of-a-kind paintjobs by Millar’s personal bike painter Eduard.

2021 CHPT3 Vielo V+1 Gen 2 lifestyle 4

The British brand released its updated version of the V+1gravel bike earlier this year. It’s a fully 1x optimised racer that’s designed to be a “fast performance gravel bike, rather than a fat tyre drop bar mountain bike or load-lugging, bike-packing type bike”.

2021 CHPT3 Vielo V+1 Gen 2 lifestyle 2

The CHPT3 version has been in development for the past two years, with “the inspiration behind the bike, the paint and the spec are all very close to David”.  

His first pro road racing bike was kitted out with Campagnolo’s Record groupset and so CHPT3 Vielo V+1 gravel bike goes Italian with the Ekar 1x 13-speed mechanical groupset.

“The chain stay and bottom bracket join is now symmetrical, optimising the frame entirely for 1x while retaining the ability to run 650b wheels without a dropped drive-side chain stay,” said Vielo at the launch of the V+1 Gen 2.

2021 CHPT3 Vielo V+1 Gen 2 disc

“Nothing is offset, with a perfectly balanced downtube, bottom bracket and chainstay contributing to 30% greater lateral stiffness,” claims Vielo.

CHPT3 colours are sprayed on layer by layer, sanded back and finished with a coat of carbon black paint by David Millar’s personal frame and helmet painter Eduard.

2021 CHPT3 Vielo V+1 Gen 2 paint

No two frames will be painted quite the same. Multiple thin layers are lightly removed to create a disruptive identity to each frame. “I wanted the CHPT3 Vielo V+1 to look dirty when it was clean and smart when it was dirty,” Millar says. 

2021 CHPT3 Vielo V+1 Gen 2 disc 2

45mm WTB Riddlers are wrapped around Campagnolo’s Carbon Shamal wheels and saddle wise it’s Fizik’s Argo Gravel saddle that should be absorbing the vibrations through the rough stuff with its compliant shell.

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Prices start at £7,000, with Vielo producing just 50 versions of the CHPT3 V+1 worldwide through selected dealers or direct at

2021 CHPT3 Vielo V+1 Gen 2 lifestyle 3

I’m heading out to Girona for a first ride of this beautiful looking CHPT3 V+1 bike on Millar’s local gravel playground at Sea Otter Europe this weekend; my thoughts will be up on the site soon…

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TheBillder | 2 years ago

I would like to offer the services of my personal mud flinger Tarquin, who will artistically curate mud onto your new CHPT3 Vielo V+1 collab concept so you don't have the hassle of riding it.

If you want a gravel bike that looks used, buy a secondhand one and go for a ride. You can have mine for £6,999 including mud. That should keep me in beard oil for a while.

Freddy56 | 2 years ago
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Would date like milk

open_roads | 2 years ago

The next big thing in gravel tech - bikes that look like they've been rescued from a skip

Xenophon2 | 2 years ago

As pictured, the setup looks awfully aggressive for a gravel bike, not sure I'd like to do a steep gravel descent on it.  But perhaps that was just for the snaps, not for riding.  No argueing about esthetics but not thrilled about the paint job either, much prefer something akin to the 'ciavete' schemes of the late Dario Pegoretti.  The price is what it is, I'm sure they'll be able to flog them.

Jaap replied to Xenophon2 | 2 years ago
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I always hated the slack gravel bike geometry. But I live somewhere completely flat with loads of fast gravel sections. 

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