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Canyon partners with Cyclescheme for up to 39% savings and no upfront costs

The full range of Canyon bikes will be available to commuters at reduced costs thanks to a partnership with the cycle to work provider

Canyon has revealed its new partnership with leading cycle to work provider Cyclescheme allows riders to save between 25% and 39% off their next Canyon.

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2021 Canyon Cyclescheme

The full range of Canyon bikes are available through Cyclescheme, including the brand’s e-bike offerings such as the Grail:ON and Precede:ON, so workers can arrive feeling (and smelling) a little fresher. 

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Cyclescheme is the UK’s largest provider of access to the government’s tax-friendly Cycle to Work scheme, but employers can run their own schemes.

2021 Canyon Cyclescheme 3

The new flexible buying tool for UK customers is designed to help you swap out the car or public transport for two wheels: “Changing up your commuting habits, even if it’s just one or two journeys a week by bike, is so beneficial to your health and the environment,” as Canyon puts it.

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Nothing will be paid up front when you buy a Canyon through Cyclescheme; instead payments are taken directly from your gross salary by your employer.

Canyon has fully implemented the purchasing journey into its website, with the inclusion of helpful touches such as a savings calculator.

Once an order has been placed using the Cyclescheme payment method, customers should then use the total order value, including shipping and Bikeguard fees, to request a certificate. You can then redeem the certificate against your order once it’s approved with both your employer and Cyclescheme, and your shiny new bike will ship direct to your door.

The Cycle to Work scheme is designed to promote healthier journeys to and from work and reduce pollution by allowing employees to save money on a new bike and/or accessories.

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More information can be found in our guide to the Cycle to Work scheme here

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