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Bryton launches new Rider S500 performance cycle computer

New Rider S500 from Bryton sits around the £250 mark: can it rival the Wahoo Elment Bolt or Garmin’s Edge 530?

Bryton is kicking off its new performance line of GPS cycle computers with the brand-new Rider S500, priced from £259. It comes with a whole host of interesting new features including Live Tracking for safe adventuring, Climb Challenge for helping you pace it up nasty inclines, Voice Search for navigation ease as well as improvements to its routing and workout functionality. 

2022 Bryton S 500 action 2

The new device has a 2.4” screen and four buttons, and has been designed in collaboration with UCI WorldTour professionals from the Intermarche-Wanty-Gobert Materiaux team.

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“The Rider S500 features a sleek and compact design that’s optimised for pro-cyclists, combining the raw power, durability and accuracy of its predecessors with the versatility and advanced features that the professionals expect all in an enhanced aerodynamic shell,” Bryton says.

Let’s take a look at the features…

Voice Search 

There’s no need to use the on-screen keyboards when connected to the internet as the device includes a Google voice search feature which is available in over 100 languages.  

2022 Bryton S 500 screen 2

It has been added to provide a quicker and more initiative way of searching addresses or points of interest (POI) while out riding. 

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Navigation functionality of the Rider S500 includes turn-by-turn and route-guidance on pre-installed regional OSM maps.

2022 Bryton S 500 screen 1

As well as navigation, the Rider S500 supports features that are designed to “help you stay on track and get the most of your rides”, such as auto-routing, on-screen POIs, reverse saved rides and route retracing.

2022 Bryton S 500 screen 3

With the Bryton Active app, the brand explains that you can plan your own or sync third party routes and add custom POI/Peak information. 

Live Tracking

A link can be generated from your phone and shared on any messaging app to pass on your real-time location with friends and family. The Live Track feature also allows anyone who’s following along to view your current speed, ride time, trip time, distance and last updated time, as well as see your real-time location.

Climb Challenge

2022 Bryton S 500 screen 5

When approaching a climb, Bryton says that the Rider S500 will change to the Climb Section page, providing an overview of a route’s climb segments. 

Designed to provide easy access and ride information at a glance, the Climb Challenge screen also features a graphical summary with multiple climbs, coloured climb segments, distance, altitude and ascent, as well as start and end points. 


A new ‘resilience workout’ format has been included which allows users to adjust, skip or revert workout progress.

2022 Bryton S 500 screen 7

'Workout notes' have also been added to allow user to add notes from the Bryton Active app or TrainingPeaks, and this can be viewed on the workout.

You've also got a new graphical workout overview which, according to Bryton, allows the device to display graphical workout steps which you can zoom into.  

During the workout, the remaining progress will be graphically shown on the workout page, which now features two customisable data fields, and target cadence can now be displayed alongside target power and heart rate. 

Ambient light sensor

The Bryton Rider S500 uses a built-in ambient light sensor for automatically adjusting its backlight based on the lighting conditions around. 

2022 Bryton S 500 screen 6

“When riding indoors, passing through a tunnel, under trees, etc., the backlight will automatically become brighter to compensate, ensuring optimal screen settings anywhere and anytime you ride,” Bryton explains. 

Smart trainer and rear-view radar compatibility

With ANT+1 FE-C smart trainer compatibility, the Bryton Rider S500 can pair with a smart trainer to control resistance or power target, simulate custom virtual workouts in Smart Workout and simulate a route in Virtual Ride. 

The device also supports rear-review radar systems such as Garmin’s Varia Radar traffic detection system, enabling users to view other road users coming from behind up to 150m with notifications. 

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Strips are located on the right side of every data page signalling in various colours, and a beeping sound is also used to warn of approaching traffic.

2022 Bryton S 500 screen 4

A green bar is used for when no detectable vehicles are approaching, orange is for those approaching at normal speed and red indicates the vehicle is approaching at high speed. 

Other updated features

As well as the new features detailed above, the device is now available with USB-C compatibility, has the option for simultaneous five-satellite connectivity and also comes in a new, more compact form.

2022 Bryton Rider 500 Performance GPS Cycle Computer - USB port.jpg

The Rider S500 also comes with a pretty enormous 24 hours of claimed battery life.  


The Rider S500 is available in two different sensor bundle packages, starting at £259 for the base package consisting of the device, protective case, sport mount and lanyard, while the more expensive bundle costs £329 with the addition of speed, heart rate and cadence sensors. 

In terms of pricing, it sits alongside Wahoo’s Elemnt Bolt (£264.99) and the Garmin Edge 530 (£259.99).

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How does it stack up against this pretty fierce competition? A unit has now arrived at Towers for review, so we’ll be putting it to the test and sharing our findings shortly…

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amazon22 | 2 years ago

There's a real review on the 'Sportive Cyclist' youtube channel. Like so many things these days, the hardware is good, the software less so. The UK maps basically don't exist/work at the moment - you just get a line to follow, which is rubbish (those PR pics are not the UK!). You need a connected smartphone with the app running, otherwise no re-routing, and even then it's iffy. There are also various syncing issues with third parties eg Strava. I was interested until I watched this, now it's on my 'might be interesting the future' list.

Kesa | 2 years ago

I'm not really impressed with usb-c. I would much prefer wireless charging.

Jetmans Dad replied to Kesa | 2 years ago

Wireless charging is massively inefficient and really not the future if we want to look after the planet and manage use of energy going forward. 

huntswheelers | 2 years ago

Ive had a 750 for over a year now, great bit of kit and works great on and off road....the latest firmware does all what this one does apart from the "Climb" thing... you get the altitude stuff and gradients as well as other stuff. The 750 just works all the complaints at all...if this is as good...then it'll be a great upgrade for many

mdavidford | 2 years ago


It has been added to provide a quicker and more initiative way of searching addresses

Will it help you locate Hostile 17?

hawkinspeter replied to mdavidford | 2 years ago
1 like
mdavidford wrote:

Will it help you locate Hostile 17?

Sriracha | 2 years ago

Interesting to see how it compares in a test. Good to see it uses usb-c. Don't understand why the screen would get brighter in dim conditions - is that really how it works?

They must be confident, going in at the same price as the Garmin 530 Edge. On first look my thoughts are, what is all that bezel for (if not just to stop the small screen rattling around)?

KDee replied to Sriracha | 2 years ago

"Don't understand why the screen would get brighter in dim conditions - is that really how it works?"

Totally agree. Getting brighter when your environment gets darker makes no sense.

mdavidford replied to KDee | 2 years ago

It makes sense if it's edge-lit, rather than backlit - i.e. most of the time it relies on ambient light reflecting off the screen for it to be visible, but in low light it supplements with edge lighting.

KDee replied to mdavidford | 2 years ago

Guess it's backlit then 

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