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Carpeted pedals!? Bike Shaggies promise carpeted comfort for barefoot cyclists + Oakley's latest aero lid, fresh Wahoo updates, G's new kicks + loads more tech news

Here's all your latest tech news, from the cozy pedal covers for barefoot riders to Oakley's sleek aero helmet, Wahoo's software updates, and Geraint Thomas's latest shoes

In this week's edition of Tech of the Week, we have a plethora of innovations and tech news to report on. From Oakley's sleek new helmet to Hutchinson's high-speed tyres and Wahoo's music control feature, there're lots of new things to cover. But the spotlight falls on Bike Shaggies, the fluffy creation aimed at bringin comfort and style to barefoot cyclists.

Ever fancied cycling barefoot on the beach? Bike Shaggies are the magic carpet ride for doing just that… 

Bike Shaggies March 2024

The crowdfunding world can be full of bizarre and interesting projects, and this "Bike Shaggies" one we've come across on Kickstarter is definitely one of those, and also one of those where the name might not immediately tell the tale. The brainchild of creators with a passion for both cycling and surfing, these pedal covers – if you had not guessed yet – promise comfort and style for cyclists who prefer to ride barefoot.

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Bike Shaggies 2 March 2024

The idea behind Bike Shaggies is simple: they are carpet-like slip-on covers for your pedals, and the shaggy soft surface should be pleasant for your bare footsies. One of the creators of Bike Shaggies, Gunner Robinson, explained the idea: "As surfers, we love ripping around the beach, but you always have to bring shoes to hop on your bike. We created Bike Shaggies so you don't have to stuff your sandy wet feet in shoes or bring a backpack with sandals for a quick ride to the water. Riding barefoot with your feet on soft carpet blowing in the wind is a true feeling of freedom."

I mean… for most of us in the UK this scenario is a bit of a far-away dream. I can't see the feeling being that of freedom if I was riding along Troon Beach on the west coast of Scotland. But that aside, the fluffy creations definitely have an appeal in that they would also eradicate that painful feeling of hitting your shin on your pedal… And the creators say they work on all kinds of platforms, even your clipless pedals! But then, there's no mention of how washable these are - because in the current rainy conditions, they'd be dirty in no time. 

Bike shaggies carpet pedal covers2

The Kickstarter campaign, based in Manhattan Beach, CA, has set a modest goal of £7,919 to fund the manufacturing setup costs. Currently, the project has garnered £506, and there are still 51 days left to fund it. If you put some money in, you can expect to secure a pair of Bike Shaggies for as low as $20, with estimated delivery set for May 2024. 

Find out more here

Oakley introduces a new aero helmet with a built-in visor


Oakley has officially revealed its latest collection of cycling things for this year, and it's filled with gear for all disciplines and skill levels. The flagship product of the collection is definitely the ARO7 helmet, featuring an integrated Prizm Lens and a sleek, low-drag design. The helmet isn't quite as new as Oakley dubs it - but rather an updated version of the one that first made an appearance in 2018. There is a magnetic system for quick attachment of the lenses, and the no-tail shell shape should accommodate various riding positions.

With racing as the focus, this lid doesn't come cheap, with the RRP set at £270. 


Oakley has slowly been building its clothing offerings, too, and the latest 'Oakley x Q36.5 Capsule Collection' features Italian craftsmanship and state-of-the-art 4D printing technology (whatever that fourth dimension is), and offers a protective structure designed to withstand crashes and high-speed rides while not forgetting, of course, aerodynamic efficiency.

There's of course some new eyewear too – for everyone from downhill to trail riders and gravel grinders. 

Find out more here

Wahoo's software update enables you to flick through tunes on your head unit

Wahoo new features Mar 242

Wahoo Fitness has announced a series of software updates for its ELEMNT bike computers, including GoPro, smart light and music control, as well as 'training plans' integration. Most of these updates are available for the latest ROAM and BOLT computers now and well, they're really aimed at making your riding experience better.  

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The Smart Light Control allows you to control your ANT+ compatible smart lights through the computer, and for example, switch the lights on/off and adjust modes. There's also automatic light activation at the start of a ride and deactivation at the end.

Those who enjoy blasting some tunes on their rides will enjoy the Music Control – a dedicated music control page offering options like play/pause, skip, and volume adjustment. No need to get your phone out to skip back to listening to your favourite Taylor Swift song once again… 

Wahoo new features Mar 241

The GoPro control is not yet released, but once it is, it will allow you to start/stop recording, capture photos, and adjust camera modes straight from the computer. 

Lastly, the Training Plans integration allows third-party training platforms to send your planned workouts directly to ELEMNT bike computers. The supported platforms include Humango, FinalSurge, Nolio, and Join, in addition to the established integrations with Wahoo SYSTM and TrainingPeaks. 

Conveniently, just as we get to lighter times and the clocks go forward, Wahoo has also introduced a Dark Mode to ELEMNT computers for improved visibility in various lighting conditions. 

Find out more here

Hutchinson's new Blackbird road tyre utilises brand's "fastest compound to date"


Hutchinson has unveiled its latest, and according to the brand itself - the fastest road bike tyre it's ever made - the Blackbird. The tyre boasts a 10% improvement in rolling resistance compared to its predecessors, coupled with a lifespan of over 4,000km of real-world riding, according to Hutchinson.

Central to this reduction in rolling resistance is Hutchinson's groundbreaking 'SwiftEasy' casing design. Hutchinson says the construction enhances both rolling resistance and comfort while reducing weight, resulting in a super-fast, comfortable, and lightweight tyre. New is also the 'Mach Tread 3.0' compound, which the French brand dubs as its "fastest and most efficient tread compound".

Specifically designed for modern, wider rims, the Blackbird features a tread surface that Hutchinson says is 15% wider than previous generation tyres, enabling aggressive cornering and reduced rolling resistance, as well as a 25% increase in energy return. Mach Tread 3.0 is also said to be 10% harder than the previous 11Storm compound found on the brand's preceding fast road tyre, the Fusion 5

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The new tyre comes in both tubeless and tubed versions in three widths: 26mm (only clincher), 28mm and 30mm. 

The Tubeless Racing Lab version of the Blackbird will retail for £61.99, while the tube-type version, with enhanced puncture resistance, will retail for £43.99. 

Find out more here

“This thing is not safe at all” – check out this wooden full sus bike

This guy made his own full-suspension bike out of plywood. Was it a success? Um, not really. It’s a funny video, though.

Assos unveils top-level S11 bib shorts

Assos has launched new Equipe RS Schtradivari Bib shorts S11 which it describes as its “flagship WorldTour” design.

2024 Assos Equipe RS Schtradivari Bib Shorts S11 Long.jpg

It says that the S11 has been “re-engineered with lower weight, increased cooling breathability, and more comfortable, body-wrapping compression from waist to raw-cut leg openings”.

The bib shorts use a new textile called Type.911 which is said to be smooth, abrasion-resistant, and fast-drying, and come in a regular length or a long version with an extra 3cm in the legs.

2024 Assos Equipe RS Schtradivari Bib Shorts S11 Long - straps back 1.jpg

You get Assos’ existing X-Frame bib design which we’ve always found comfortable in the past, and an Equipe RS S11 insert that “is attached at front and rear with floating sides and centre, letting it move with your body”.

2024 Assos Equipe RS Schtradivari Bib Shorts S11 Long - chamois.jpg

The Assos S11 bib shorts are priced at £215. We have a pair with a reviewer right now, so stay tuned to for a review.

Find out more here  

Vittoria collaborates with Craft Sportswear to create a shoe for… running


Vittoria, the Italian tyre brand, and Craft Sportswear, the Swedish sports apparel maker, have announced a little bit of a surprise collaboration in creating a running shoe. 

Where's the catch? Well, the shoe's outsole is inspired by the excellence of Vittoria’s renowned Terreno Mix and Terreno Dry gravel tyres. The brands think that there is an overlap in the adventurous nature of cyclists and runners exploring places off the paved paths. With the shoe, the brands aim to cater to the needs of those adventurous individuals. 

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The shoe's outsole integrates aggressive arrow lugs from the Terreno Mix pattern to deliver exceptional off-road performance. Meanwhile, fish scale treads, inspired by the Terreno Dry tyre ensure superior grip on roads and in wet conditions. 

That's about all the info we have this far. The collaboration's inaugural product, the Craft Xplor, is set to launch for the 2024 spring and summer season. 

Find out more here

Geraint Thomas’s mystery Quoc shoes are finally released

Ineos Grenadiers’ Geraint Thomas has been wearing unreleased shoes from British brand Quoc for the past few months, and now they’ve been officially announced as the M3 Air.

2024 Quoc M3 Air.jpg

“Designed from the feedback and wishlists of some of the most competitive cyclists in the field, a new last matches the comfort and natural fit of its processors while adding increased support at the ball of the foot and space in the toe box to eliminate pressure,” says Quoc.

2024 Quoc M3 Air - side.jpg

“The two-piece upper is built from an incredibly light, foot-moulding TPU [thermoplastic polyurethane]. Constructed in multiple layers, it provides natural movement where needed and offers generous mesh panels for maximum aeration in warm and high-intensity conditions.”

2024 Quoc M3 Air - sole toe vent.jpg

These cycling shoes feature a three-bolt carbon fibre sole and a dual-dial closure system, and they’re available in white only, so be prepared for a regular spit and polish. They come in sizes from EU38 to 47.

Our man Jamie Williams has been riding in a pair of these for the past few weeks and will have a review ready for you soon. His pair of size 43s hit the Scales of Truth at 480g.They’re priced at £320.

Find out more here 

Met and Agu release undyed things


What is it with undyed stuff this week? has been around for 15 years and we've not used the word once in our entire history, and all of a sudden we've got "undyed" products from Met and Agu...

Met has focused more on style with its new 'Undyed White Limited Edition', which in essence brings out the brand's three top cycling helmet models Trenta, Manta and Rivale in a new white colour with fluorescent yellow backing. This, according to Met, should appeal to the "cyclists who want cleanliness and linearity without sacrificing individuality". 

The helmets are priced the same as the standard edition, which means the Trenta and Manta cost £220 and the Rivale sets you back £150.


A post shared by AGU (@agu_cc)

Agu, on the other hand, has released its undyed collection for sustainability reasons. The full range features everything from gilets, jerseys and bibs to bikepacking bags and they all come in a very light, undyed colour. Basically, Agu says they're all white because "by skipping dyeing processes, we’re reducing water waste and emissions". 

Agu undyed collection

The materials used are also as sustainable as possible, but then again being white, you'll probably be washing this kit quite a bit which somewhat counteracts the sustainability side… 

> Cycling and sustainability: What the bike industry is doing, and what you can do to further reduce your carbon footprint as a cyclist

But if you want to look as stylish and sustainable in an all-white kit as Wout van Aert, then the full kit is available on Agu's website now. The bibs set you back £160, the jerseys £190 and the range of other accessories (including a bucket hat) starts at £30. 

Find out more about Agu here and about Met helmets here 

In case you missed them, here are the rest of the week’s top bike tech stories…

Suvi joined F-At in 2022, first writing for She's since joined the tech hub, and contributes to all of the sites covering tech news, features, reviews and women's cycling content. Lover of long-distance cycling, Suvi is easily convinced to join any rides and events that cover over 100km, and ideally, plenty of cake and coffee stops. 

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stevez123 | 3 months ago
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Those Bike Shaggies will go good with my sheepskin saddle cover... I'm in!

cyclisto | 3 months ago

I can see a few minor problems for these carpet pedals, but a first glance it would seem really relaxing riding barefoot in an cruiser bike on a flat cycle lane near the beach.

I think in Australia they will catch on. Maybe on holiday rentals too.

Bigfoz | 3 months ago

Carpeted pedals? When I was growing up in South Africa, we rode our bikes barefoot all the time (and did most other things barefoot too!). I rode steel race pedals with toe clips barefoot. You could climb / sprint by curling your toes around the end plate and pulling against the straps... 

Discovering PE & cross country outside in bare feet was one of the bigest shocks of moving there aged 10...

yupiteru | 3 months ago

I changed my carpet pedals for oak laminate, a lot easier to keep clean with the cat around.

FrankH | 3 months ago

Carpet pedals? You're two days early. DId you think it was April 1st already?

Global Nomad replied to FrankH | 3 months ago
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the carpet pedals also facilitate time travel - gettign everywhere earlier than planned

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