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Vittoria Terreno Dry gravel tyre review

The Vittoria Terreno Zero TLR G2.0 is a slick gravel tyre that's designed for road and smooth off-road duties but is capable of much more.

The Terreno Zero is the slickest tyre in Vittoria's gravel range, with the Terreno Dry, Terreno Mix and Terreno Wet models offering increased tread patterns for more off-road and muddy conditions. All of them use a graphene compound in their rubber – something only Vittoria uses in its tyres, claiming that this revolutionary material allows for natural material barriers of rubber to be removed so there is no compromise between speed, grip, durability and puncture resistance.

The Terreno Zero also features a 120TPI construction with a reinforced casing. Vittoria admits that might add weight to the tyre but claims it improves strength, resistance and puncture protection. Real-world experience suggests all this is true.

While you can put a tube in the Terreno Zero TLR, gravel tyres really do prefer to be set up tubeless if you want to get the best out of them for comfort, grip and puncture resilience. Fitted without a tube, the tyres pumped up and sealed easily enough.

On a road environment, they're not the fastest tread-free gravel tyres around but they're incredibly robust, happily take crappy tarmac and potholes in their stride, romp over packed gravel paths and perform far better than you might expect on other rougher surfaces.

Reviewer Jo ran them through the winter over all kinds of terrain, from smooth blacktop, across gravel of all grades, along rocky off-road to really-shouldn't-be-here thick mud, and they proved deceptively capable while showing very little sign of wear.

Don't be put off by the lack of tread – Jo used these over terrain that would be more suited to a mountain bike and under all sorts of conditions, and they performed stunningly well considering their baldness. They're more versatile than their road and packed gravel designation would suggest.