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Bike at bedtime: Festka Doppler

Take a look at this moving work of art with an unusual construction of titanium tubes and carbon joins

The bespoke bike specialists Festka design aesthetically beautiful and creative bikes, with a custom geometry that allows for a precision fit.

Blending two materials in an innovative fashion, Festka’s Doppler road bike is engineered to deliver a premium ride feel that matches its incredible looks.

Festka Doppler 2.JPG

Claiming there is only one correct way of pairing titanium with carbon, Festka says: “We put titanium where it looks best and carbon where it works best.” Titanium tubes are joined together with carbon lugs on the Doppler.

“The tapered head tube, the bottom bracket, the chain stays and the seat tube simply ask for filament wound carbon due to its weight to function ratio, while the titanium top and bottom tubes, seat stays and dropouts give Doppler class and comfort,” Festka says.

Festka Doppler 3

“Every Doppler is an original made for the individual rider in line with our strong belief that real luxury must be highly personal,” Festka says.

From the geometry, to the components picked, to an elaborate paint job, the bespoke bike specialists understand that it is important that all of these areas are right, and also that this is not easy at all.

This is why Festka offer what they call a Concierge service—a personal guide that takes you through the whole process and also in the after-sale period “to help with any questions that may arise when you start riding your Festka”.

Festka Samurai

The Doppler is from the Czech brand that has time and time again wowed us with its spectacular and intricate paint finishes, over a year ago with the $35,000 Spectre Porcelain complete with 24 carat gold touches and most recently with the incredibly detailed Samurai-style Scalatore that took nine months from concept to being fully built up by Festka and painted by artist Michael Bačák.


Iconic Festka designs such as the colourful Floyd (with The Dark Side of the Moon album as inspiration) and geometric shapes of the Dazzle (influenced by the camouflage of WW1 warships) can be selected for the Doppler. These core designs can also be altered to different colour preferences.

Festka Floyd

Floyd design

Or, if you want to let your creative mind run wild, “unique pieces of art designed exclusively for you”, is an avenue also open.

Festka Dazzle

Dazzle design

The Doppler, available in a rim brake or disc brake option, has a maximum clearance for 28mm tyres and has titanium dropouts for durability. It is compatible with mechanical, EPS, Di2 or eTap groupsets.

To get hold of your very own and unique Doppler, you have to fill in the contact form on Festka’s website, which can be found here, before being guided through the choices and full customization that is available.

Your Doppler will be sent to production after all the details of your custom order are confirmed and you've put down a deposit.

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tomascjenkins | 3 years ago

Press fit bottom bracket, seems a 2nd rate choice these days

ktache replied to tomascjenkins | 3 years ago
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It would look as though the custom frame in this instance might just be manufactured with the required high tolerances.

NZ Vegan Rider replied to tomascjenkins | 3 years ago


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