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Apidura releases new technical City Backpack with subtle looks

Although packed with useful technical features that aid riding comfort, this backpack doesn't draw attention to that fact that you arrived by bike…

Apidura’s City Series sees the London-based bikepacking specialist bring over its precision crafted technical gear to the urban environment with a new stylish functional City Backpack for urban cyclists.

2021 Apidura City Series Backpack 3

The new City Backpack is designed to transition seamlessly between a wet commute, working day and evening social activities, “without drawing attention to the fact you arrived by bike,” says Apidura.

 “City cycling usually means compromise; a technical backpack designed for outdoors adventure that marks you out as a cyclist and would look more at home on a mountain summit than a client meeting.

“With the City Series, our aim is to overcome that compromise through our precision crafted approach that focuses on lightweight, minimal and functional design that looks just as good on the morning cycle commute as it does at a work meeting or after work drinks.”

Sticking to its “less is more” design philosophy, Apidura says “the backpack does away with traditional adventure-inspired design features that are over-engineered for the realities of city life, drawing instead on years of experience creating waterproof packs that don’t compromise on usability”.

2021 Apidura City Series Backpack waterproof

Made from a bespoke waterproof and abrasion-resistant marle fabric, the backpack is said to have an anatomical fit for on- and off- the bike use.

2021 Apidura City Series Backpack 8

Its zipless opening promises to maintain waterproofing without adding complexity—it can be opened easily with one hand, says Apidura.

2021 Apidura City Series Backpack protected pocket

There are mesh compartments inside for organising work essentials, as well as an internal zippered pocket and an external side pocket for quick access to key items.

2021 Apidura City Series Backpack interior pocket

Other subtle features include reflective screen printing, a light attachment and internal water bottle storage to aid on-bike comfort.

2021 Apidura City Series Backpack 5

Looks-wise, this backpack is clean and minimalistic. 

2021 Apidura City Series Backpack 4

Available now for £159.

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