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Graphene is back…this time in a £230 jersey from Ale

The graphene fabric “allows an active interaction between the body and the fabric.”

We think we have a new contender for ‘most expensive road summer jersey’ as Ale release the new £230 Velocity G+ jersey. The new jersey uses a graphene-based fabric that Ale claims “allows an active interaction between the body and the fabric.”

Ale says that this new G+ fabric is “able to effectively equalise body temperature, creating the ideal microclimate to keep cyclists comfortable even in the most unpleasant weather conditions.” Essentially, Ale is saying that, just like other summer cycling jerseys, the Velocity G+ is breathable and lightweight.

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So, what’s the point for using Graphene in a cycling jersey? Ale says that the Graphene “is used to strengthen the membrane and allows the fabrics to work with the body to regulate the heat produced.”

Ale Velocity G+ sleeves

Aside from the fancy fabric, Ale says that the jersey is cut for racers and offers an aero fit. The sleeves are made from Ale’s Clima Aero fabric “that has been tested in wind tunnels and whose textured surface replicates the aerodynamics of a golf ball, resulting in considerably less drag.” Ale isn’t making that data public, however.

While we’re used to seeing prices like this on more ‘technical’ garments like the Gabba-style jerseys from Castelli, Assos, and many others, Ale’s Velocity G+ stands out when it comes to lightweight summer road jerseys. Le Col By Wiggins’ Hors Categorie jersey, for example, comes in at just £160.

The reason for the price hike is that Graphene is rather expensive stuff and combining it with other materials take quite a bit of trial and error. So far in the cycling world, we’ve seen Graphene in tyres with Vittoria’s G series, Dassi uses graphene in frames and AbsoluteBlack just launched some very expensive graphene chain lube.

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The price may come down as the use of graphene becomes more common. We’ll have to give the new Ale jersey a try to see if the bold claims stack up. The new jersey is available now in blue, red or black in sizes S-XXL.

The Ale Velocity G+ is available to buy now

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Chris Hayes | 4 years ago

How does that Danny Kaye Emporer's new clothes song go...?  'The cyclist's in the all together, the alltogether, the alltogether, as naked as the day that he was born'....but luckily for Ale there's a new cyclist born every minute. 

Rick_Rude | 4 years ago
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I bet on a hot day riders wearing top gear will still open their jerseys and the magic properties they are sold to public as having will disappear.

Sriracha | 4 years ago

I paid a bargain £230 for the latest in writing tech. It's an organic timber stylus with a core of "solid ink", made up of layer upon layer of graphene fused together.

mdavidford | 4 years ago

Apparently it can also generate a miniature warp field around the rider, allowing them to travel at faster-than-light speeds.

tomi740i | 4 years ago

As I read, some team (not sure cycling) use graphene lines in sporting clothes because the good conduction properties of the material. With the help of hidden graphene wires they can get data from the sportsmen's body by giving very low electric inductions pn it. With this method they can determinate the water, salt, electrolite levels of the body and help the dietetic specialist to get the most accurate nutritional needs.

And it also has a great heat sink effect, which usefull on tyres too keeping their pneumatic heat low, then lifespan high!

And so on.... wonder material.... just waiting to be able to make the first layered structure, since scientists were able to make only 1 molecule wide sand from it.

Judge dreadful | 4 years ago

I'm quite a big fan of Graphene as a material, I'm not sure what the benefits of putting it in a jersey are though. That said, I'll probably buy one, just because.

eburtthebike | 4 years ago

£230?  I can foresee a time when you'll be mugged for your jersey but they'll leave your bike.

What next?  Jersey locks?

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