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First Look: 2019 bling coming your way

Cool new products from Fizik, Brooks, Poc, Pirelli, Catlike, Cane Creek, Bryton and more

The bike industry's Corebike Show earlier this week gave us the chance to check out loads of new products that have just hit the market or are just about to. We've told you about a few of them before, but this was our first chance to check out many of them in the flesh.

Here's a quick rundown of the highlights...

Poc Ventral Air helmet

Poc Ventral Air helmet 2019 - 1.jpg

We told you all about Poc's new Ventral Air helmet a couple of weeks ago and we got to check it out for ourselves at Corebike Show. This white version has a certain stormtrooper-chic to it.

Poc Ventral Air helmet 2019 - 2.jpg

Poc says that the Ventral Air has "a focus on extreme levels of ventilation, very low weight and high levels of protection".

It'll be £220 when it becomes available in March.

Fizik Arione 00 Versus Evo saddle

Fizik Arione 00 Versus Evo - 1.jpg

We reviewed the Arione R1 Versus Evo saddle about a year ago and Fizik has recently introduced the Arione 00 Versus Evo at £324.99. '00' denotes Fizik's top-level tech and materials while 'Versus Evo' relates to the use of a full central channel.

Fizik Arione 00 Versus Evo - 4.jpg

The single carbon rail is Fizik's Mobius closed loop design that's intended to provide better weight distribution and eliminate any pressure hotspots on the ischial bones. The cover is applied using a vacuum process, the idea being to create progressive cushioning.

Fizik Arione 00 Versus Evo - 2.jpg

Stu is reviewing one of these saddles at the moment so stay tuned for his thoughts.

Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R1 shoes

Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R1 shoes - 1.jpg

Fizik introduced its £109.99 Tempo Powerstrap R5 shoes last year, with a nylon composite outsole and two Velcro straps, the lower one of which crosses the foot twice.

Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R1 shoes - 5.jpg

This is the new R1 version, produced with a carbon outsole apparently as a result of demand from the Movistar pro team, hence the blue fade finish on one side. It doesn't actually say 'Movistar' anywhere — it's more subtle than that. This is a limited edition and is priced at £225.

Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R1 shoes - 3.jpg

Cane Creek eeBar Keep handlebar plugs

Cane Creek eeBar Keep handlebar plugs - 1.jpg

You might be perfectly happy with plastic bar end plugs but if you want something a bit more classy you can swap them for Cane Creek's eeBar Keep plugs. These are CNC machined 6061 aluminium, black anodised, and they weigh 6g each. They fit bars with an inner diameter from 17mm to 22mm. Yours for £34.99.

BlkTec components

We've told you about Blktec (pronounced 'black tech') components in the past, showing you some sleek-looking wheels back when the brand was launched. You're likely to see more from Blktec in the future because it now has UK distribution. 

Blktec R5 Handlebar Di2 Ready - 1.jpg

This is the R5 combined handlebar and stem (£479.99) with a compartment for a Shimano Di2 junction box.

Blktec Handlebar M2 Carbon Stem - 3.jpg

The R3 handlebar and M2 Stem combo is £399.99.

We've not used any of these products but they certainly look the part.

Blktec Handlebar M2 Carbon Stem - 4.jpg

Catlike Vento helmet

Catlike Vento helmet - 1.jpg

Catlike launched the Vento last year, a helmet that's designed to balance ventilation with aerodynamics. It features an aramid internal mesh that allows the ventilation channels to be made larger 

Catlike Vento helmet - 1 (1).jpg

A standard Catlike Vento helmet is £109.99 with the MIPS version £139.99.

Bryton Rider 15 GPS computer

Bryton computers have been off our radar having lacked UK distribution for a while, but the brand is back with a new Rider 15 which "comes with built in GNSS receiver for improved accuracy plus all new Heading feature along with 16 battery hours, smart notifications and supports up to 30 functions". It'll link to heart rate and cadence sensors (but not powermeters) via Bluetooth. 

Bryton Rider 15 - 2.jpg

Bryton reckons that the Rider 15 is similar to the Garmin Edge 130 in terms of function, but with an RRP of £69.99 rather than £149.99.

Seatylock Pentagon Locks

Seatylock Mason - 3.jpg

Seatylock has a range that covers many kinds of folding locks and U-locks in various different lengths. The Pentagon Mason lock, available in a variety of colours has a Sold Secure Gold rating. 

Seatylock Mason - 2.jpg

Maxxis High Road tyre

Maxxis High Road - 1.jpg

Maxxis launched its top-level High Road clincher tyre last year. It features a 120 TPI casing and a new compound called Hypr which is designed to reduce rolling resistance while increasing traction in wet conditions. There's a puncture protection breaker underneath the tread.

The High Road is available in a 25mm width only.

Pirelli Cinturato tyre

Pirelli Cinturato tyre - 1.jpg

The Cinturato is another tyre that was unveiled last year. It's a tubeless-ready option that's available in 26mm, 28mm, 32mm and 35mm widths. Unlike the existing P Zero tyres, the Cinturato features Armour Tech anti-puncture system which "combines a nylon bead-to-bead high density layer [with] an aramid breaker and aramid fibres dispersed into the tread, resulting in a new level of protection against the worst road conditions", according to Pirelli.

Prices are from £46.99 to £49.99, depending on width.

Ergon SR Men Road saddle

Ergon SR Men saddle - 1.jpg

We published a review of the Ergon SR Sport Gel Women’s Saddle last week and here is the SR Men Road. A central channel and cut out, plus Egon's Orthocell foam inlays, are designed to distribute pressure evenly on the bone structure. Ergon reckons that Orthocell is lighter and more durable than gel. Slippery side panels are intended to reduce friction when pedalling.

Ergon SR Men saddle - 2.jpg

It's available in 140mm and 153mm widths.

Scope wheels

Dutch brand Scope offers three sets of road wheels in various rim depths, and a set of off-road/gravel wheels. They're all tubeless-ready with internal spoke hole reinforcement, Sapim spokes, SKF bearings and hubs that are compatible with a wide variety of axle configurations.

Scope R3 wheel - 1.jpg

The R3 wheelset has rims that are 30mm deep and 26mm wide (19mm internal width). Scope claims a weight of 1,440g for the rim brake version and 1,477g for the disc brake version. 

Scope R3 wheel - 2.jpg

The R4 wheels are 45mm deep with a claimed weight of 1,520g for the rim brake version and 1,557g deep for the disc brake version, while the R5s are 55mm deep with claimed weights of 1,595g and 1,632g.

Scope R4 wheel - 1.jpg

Each wheelset is priced £1,298.

Brooks bags and saddles

Brooks Cambium C13 Carved white - 1.jpg

Brooks have a whole load of new options available. The carbon-framed Cambium C13 saddle has been updated with an All Weather top comprising waterproof nylon on vulcanised natural rubber. As well as bringing weatherproofing, this is also said to increase flex and durability. 

Brooks have also introduced white rubber and white nylon Cambiums for the first time. Like the other Cambium C13s, this Carved version is £172.

Brooks Cambium brick - 1.jpg

This is the Cambium in a brick finish.

The popular Pickwick Backpack is now available in new colours: rust and this sage green. The 12 litre model is £180, the 26 litre version is £205.

Brooks Pickwick Reflective Leather - 1.jpg

The Pickwick is also available in black, brown and grey Reflective Leather versions. The main body of the bag is made from leather that's perforated, a reflective fabric sitting behind it.

Brooks Pickwick Reflective Leather - 2.jpg

The bag doesn't look like a reflective product in daylight but it catches the light when you're riding at night. A 12 litre version is £271 with the 26 litre option £310.

Brooks Pickwick Thick Leather - 1.jpg

Thick Leather versions of the Pickwick are also available, as opposed to the standard leather versions, designed to hold their shape well in use.

Brooks Pickwick Linen - 1.jpg

The Pickwick also comes in lightweight tech linen, priced at £188 (12 litre) and £215 (26 litre). It's 'tech linen' in that it has a water resistant backing.

Brooks Pickwick Linen - 2.jpg

Woho bags

Woho bags - 1.jpg

Woho makes a wide range of bikepacking bags, this being the X-Touring Saddle Dry Bag (£74.99) that's made from waterproof materials with taped seams. The closure is roll-top and the maximum volume is around eight litres.

Woho bags - 3.jpg

This one is the bag with an X-Touring Handlebar Dry Bag (£59.99) with an X-Touring Accessory Pack (£29.99) on the front.

Woho bags - 1 (1).jpg

And this is the X-Touring Frame Bag (£44.99)

Mat has been in cycling media since 1996, on titles including BikeRadar, Total Bike, Total Mountain Bike, What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK, and he has been editor of 220 Triathlon and Cycling Plus. Mat has been technical editor for over a decade, testing bikes, fettling the latest kit, and trying out the most up-to-the-minute clothing. He has won his category in Ironman UK 70.3 and finished on the podium in both marathons he has run. Mat is a Cambridge graduate who did a post-grad in magazine journalism, and he is a winner of the Cycling Media Award for Specialist Online Writer. Now over 50, he's riding road and gravel bikes most days for fun and fitness rather than training for competitions.

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kil0ran | 5 years ago

Those bars look chipped and flaked to hell. Doesn't exactly scream longevity does it?

MoutonDeMontagne | 5 years ago
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Looking forward to the Poc Helmet review. I love the fit, vents, comfort and performance of my Octal, but do sometimes wish it was a bit slimmer at the sides asthetically. 

handlebarcam | 5 years ago

Interesting. POC are slowly making their incredibly-boxy helmet designs slightly more curvy. Catlike, meanwhile, is gradually toning down the Gaudi-esque insanity of their helmet designs, with fewer holes and some almost-straight lines. In about ten years they'll converge and both look like everyone else's helmets.

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