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Tech company Tespack claim to have made “the world’s first smart cycling backpack”

The Wheeler backpack promises to keep you ‘charged and connected at all times’, with LED indicators, a solar panel that creates energy for you to charge devices from and even a black box to track movements in the event of a collision…

It feels like barely a week goes by without another indicating cycling product launching on crowdfunding websites... and the Wheeler is the latest to add to that roll call, although features such as solar energy production and black box recording make it look like a pretty impressive bit of kit.   

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We reckon the ‘world’s first smart cycling backpack’ claim is somewhat far-fetched with many similar products having featured on this website previously (see our recent article on the Pix backpack here); although smarter than the competition it might just be. There are two versions of the Wheeler, the standard version that can be attached to a rear rack and used as a backpack and the Wheeler Side, with a pannier design. The Wheeler backpack has an automatic SOS system and integrated LED indicators that can be controlled with your phone or their remote control system. The app also has route mapping and weather info included. 

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Another nifty feature is the 7W solar panel, allowing you to create energy that can be used to charge devices on the go (you can also upgrade to a 42W panel). It also incorporates black box technology, à la aeroplanes, that in the event of a collision can record the time of the incident, the impact and track your location, which could prove useful for an insurance claim.   


Tespack specialise in battery packs and solar energy products, which feature through their outdoor and commuter-focussed ranges. They already sell numerous of backpacks and messenger bags, with Wheeler being their first cycle-specific product, and they were voted the best energy startup in the EU by the European Commission last year.

The Wheeler will be crowdfunding on Indiegogo soon with a 50% discount on the eventual RRP; we’ll update when we find out the launch date and prices, for now head over to Tespack’s website for more info.

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