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74% of readers say the UCI's 6.8kg weight limit should be lowered or scrapped entirely

The audience has spoken, the 6.8kg weight limit should be lowered or scrapped entirely

Is the UCI 6.8kg weight limit outdated? In a quick poll last week 74% of readers reckon the UCI should lower or scrap entirely the current 6.8kg weight limit.

We recently reported on the rumour that the UCI could be set to change the current 6.8kg bike weight limit that has been in place since the year 2000, intended to ensure bikes are safe to be raced at the highest level. 

With 46.98% of the votes cast, support was biggest for the weight limit being lowered. Those calling for it to be scrapped entirely amounted to 26.98% of the votes, while 26.03% say it should be kept in place as it is.

A total of 315 votes were cast, not entirely the biggest selection admittedly but does provide an interesting analysis of reader opinion regarding the current weight limit.

2018 Trek Emonda SLR 9.jpeg

So if the UCI is reading this, the readers have spoken, you should lower the weight limit. But how low should it go? That’s another can of worms entirely.

“I’d love to see it lowered to 4kg,” said Paul4f in response to the poll. “At the moment small riders are forced to ride bikes that weigh the same as larger riders which is unfair, smaller riders should be able to ride lighter bikes to make up for being a little less powerful. Also, it will allow a proper difference between aero and lightweight bikes again which might drive forward innovation.”

- How to trim bike weight on the cheap — save a kilo without breaking the bank

Could the manufacturers meet a lower weight limit with their current bikes? Some could; Trek's most expensive Emonda SLR 9 comes in at  5.88kg thanks to a 690g frame and a high-end build but a noticeable absence of really exotic carbon components. It does cost £8,500 mind...

Canyon once showed off the Canyon Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 Ltd. Costing a cool £11,799, it weighed a claimed 4.85kg thanks to a 665g frame and a 290g fork, Lightweight Obermayer wheels, THM Fibula brake calipers and Clavicula SE chainset, a Tune saddle and a SRAM Red 22 groupset. In other words, not your everyday components.

Do you agree with the poll results? 

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